Has “Butt-Enhancing” Become the Norm for Women?

July 23, 2010  |  

Gone are the days when you either work with what you’ve got or work out to get what you want. Now instead, some people’s motto is: if you want it, you buy it. As society praises women with curves or plump rears, many women begin to long for the butt of a video vixen. This desire transcends race and status, as we see celebrities like Kim Kardashian become famous for her backside (among other things). What’s the latest cure for women lacking in the derriere? Padded panties…

Known as Booty Pops, these enhancements are invading the rears of millions of women. Chances are, if you go to a club or venue at a city near you, a Booty Pop is also in attendance. Surprisingly, to some women, it is simply an accessory to their wardrobe (think necklace, belt, ring…Booty Pop). And for those who don’t choose to undergo cosmetic surgery, buying butt enhancements is now easier than ever. Now sold in most neighborhood drug stores and even Bed, Bath & Beyond, the path to a ‘video vixen rear’ is just a few miles and $19.99 away.

According to a recent article on The Wall Street Journal Online, Booty Pop’s late-night infomercials urge viewers to “forget about doing endless squats and cosmetic surgery” but instead choose the quick fix and indulge in a Booty Pop. The company is estimated to sell at least 1 million of the product this year.

But Booty Pop isn’t the only company choosing to profit from fake, or should I say ‘added’ butt enhancements. Frederick of Hollywood offers a ‘booty boy short’ and other undergarment brands are adding cushion to panties to enhance the rear, as well.

But before some of you get excited and run to your local Target, the Booty Pop isn’t flattering for all attire. The egg shape foam is visible in silk and other similar material. So there is a chance of you being ‘found out.’

Yet and still, some women are so fascinated with having curves that they are willing to take that chance for a little extra backside cushion. Considering padded panties are on their way to becoming a norm, I have to wonder: what next?

What are your thoughts on Booty Pops and society’s sudden obsession with curves?

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  • Lyn

    Anytime I see a booty pop-type item in a store I always laugh and think who's buying this. It's even funnier that they sell them in the Ebony Beauty Supply store. Who are they trying to fool. You eventually have to take it off… then what?

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  • egarrhenn

    This is so terrible, it is a perfect example of society pressuring us to use white women as a standard of beauty. But the truth of the matter is, the white women are just stealing all our (Black Women) thunder calling it their own. Remember when a white girl wouldn't be caught dead with a big ass? Remember when only black men found it attractive? But now that there are soooo many black men with big money the white girls need to attract them someway. And the answer is the booty pads.

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  • Ally

    Why can't society let us women just be happy with what we have? 🙁 I swear our culture is hell-bent on making women feel like sh-t. Either you're too skinny or too curvy. Nothing is every good enough. You'd think that intelligence would be celebrated in women now that the feminist movement has "supposedly" moved our cause forward, but I guess not. Feminism is dead and so is the self-esteem of womenz. Sad.

  • Why not enhance what you already have! Go for it

  • traluv

    Its tempting for those of us sistas who are lacking in the back, but I have too much pride to do it.

  • Ronni

    I seen this commercial the other night I started laughing. I can't believe women are actually buying this crap. I'm happy with my slim body feel sorry for those who buy em up…

  • Brenda

    I bought a panty reshapers. It is cut out in the back and did wonders for my booty.

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  • Jalyee

    I have them and I love them!

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  • KLT

    it’s all so sad; black women always had the butt but now all the attention goes to white girls…..I will never leave my sistas!!!!!

  • jewels

    As a black woman without a big butt, I have thought about making a purchase and even looked at cosmetic surgery. Men do make you feel less than average for not having a "donk". I do have boobs and wonder how my life would be different if I had more azz….

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  • RealvsFake

    Funny how people are facsinated with a "lie" what is "fake"….what ever happened to "truth" being "real". I've read posts where people actually defend Kim Kardashian's fake boobs and butt. Her old photos definitely suggest her rear has been surgically enhanced. Society is totally illusional. People embrace no purpose and nothing meaninful. Sad!!!

  • Scarlett Love

    Fake ass, fake boobs, fake hair, fake lashes…. when you finally take all of that off; will he still be attracted. Just saying, doesn't all the man made eliminate individualism. It reminds me of the stepford wives.

  • MadameMaraj

    I agree, if you don't got "IT" and can afford to buy it, then more power to you!

  • C

    This is one of the silliest gimmicks to come around in ages. Remember all those girls who used to pad their bras with tissue paper, socks, etc? Once they brought a guy home, and things began to get a little steamy …..oops! Embarrassment, shock, and disappointment. One can only expect the same to occur with this sad fad.