Risky Behavior: 6/10 Americans Didn’t Use Protection First Time They Had Sex

December 7, 2011  |  

No wonder STD rates in the United States are out of control—people are starting out the gate raw.

Results of Durex’s annual Sexual Wellbeing global survey found that 6 out of 10 Americans didn’t use protection when they lost their virginity. That fact alone is bad, but when you compare it to other countries like Mexico and Colombia who had lower rates of unprotected sex at 49% and 47%, this looks really bad. Of the 60% who didn’t practice safe sex their first time, only half (49%) were confident their sexual partner was free of STIs.

One out of five of all those in a relationship admit they are unsure of their partner’s experience—I’m not sure if that also means they are unsure of their partner’s status, but I hope not. Only about 24% of the women who had admitted to having unprotected sex said it was a mistake and they regretted it. I think the rest just got lucky (twice).

Sounds like Durex may need to up their advertising. The data from the 29,000 respondents (taken across 36 different countries) doesn’t bid to too well for their market penetration—or America’s sexual health.

What do you think about these stats? Are you surprised by how many people don’t use protection their first time?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • College kidd

    I had unprotected sex when I lost my virginity. We attempted to use a condom but it didn’t work out so we went raw. I don’t regret it for the simple fact that I didn’t contract anything. I don’t play with my life like that anymore. At the time I was young but I just didn’t consider potential consequences.

  • Girliusmaximus

    So did I. Why do people roll dice when it comes to their lives? I don’t get it… There are some things that a condom WON’T stop you from getting so why would you just be all willy nilly with ya goodies? Do you not just care or is it really that serious? Not to mention that condoms are a form of birth control… No rubber duckie = No splashing in the tub.

  • IllyPhilly

    I had protected sex the 1st time! When you “know” a mom and grandmom *side eye* who both had the clap on their wedding days, you learn fast.

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