Republicans Want to Protect Black Women From Abortions

December 7, 2011  |  

Remember that controversial billboard that ran earlier this year, the one paid for by a Texas-based pro-life organization? It read: “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is the Womb.” Some, including the mother of the child featured on the billboard, agreed that the message was delivered in bad taste; however, the New York City Health Department found that of all the abortions given in NYC in 2009, between 40 and 50 percent were given to African American women.

What started out as a “New York” issue eventually became a national cause for conservative activists. Now, the Republicans are jumping on this “anti black abortion” band wagon.

According to an opinion piece at the Washington Post, Arizona Rep., Trent Franks, a Republican, believes that the issue of black abortion is “the civil rights struggle that will define our generation.” So, he composed a bill, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011, that would address this issue.

Among other things the bill proposes that persons or organizations that perform a race or gender-selection abortion can lose government funding or can be prosecuted by the woman herself or her family members and the government can legally prevent this person or organization from performing further abortions.

Hmmm, on the surface this bill sounds admirable. No woman should be coerced into having an abortion based on the race or sex of her unborn child. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Republican party, who places such strong emphasis on personal responsibility, has another motive behind this bill.

While the number of black abortions is far too high at 40-50 percent, I would argue that many of these abortions have little to do with the race of the fetus and more to do with the mother’s choice not to give birth to her child. I wholeheartedly believe that our high abortion rates has more to do with lack of education, pressure, real or imagined, to have unprotected sex and a lack of resources. This bill seems more like a ploy to remove government funding from Planned Parenthood than it is concern for African American children. I can’t say I blindly support Planned Parenthood, considering their suspect conversations and prevalence in urban neighborhoods but I also don’t believe that they’re completely to blame for our high abortion rates.

Either way this is an all around bad situation.

When you get a chance, read the bill and let us know what you think. Do conservative groups and Republicans really care about black abortion or are they playing the race card to prosecute organizations like Planned Parenthood?

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  • Planned Parenthood supplies much more than just abortions. It’s a wonderful resource for teens who need birth control, std testing, or just information on sexual health.

  • Jimanderson

    is abortion legal

  • Guest

    Hopefully the people against abortion will help the ones who didnt get one. They better help babysit, feed, clothe, etc… If your telling someone to not get rid of a child who they cant tak care of, you must obviously is going to help them.

    Team pro choice by the way meaning, I really dont care what you do, as long as it doesnt affect my life.

  • wildcherry666

    To be perfectly honest, I really don’t see this as  political issue. We as black people need to start asking the question. “Why are so many black babies being aborted?”. As the Hispanic population is booming and making them the largest minority, black people need to start thinking about self preservation. 

  • Ngoziemereonye

    i think it’s the 2nd reason, come on who are they fooling? they don’t care for black people, palease!

  • IllyPhilly

    I’m pro-choice, but those protesters outside the clinics do scare the hell outta people enough to keep the kid.

  • I would not leaving any type of “family planning” to a political party. I personally am pro life… but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand WHY a woman would consider abortion. I personally choose not to touch the subject for many reasons. But the reality is the reality. Has anyone ever seen MAAFA 21? Most abortion are performed on us. As a people of color we need to begin to take responsibility for our actions and how it affects the community. We have lost touch with self-restraint and community regulation. I remember growing up that every adult in my family had permission to discipline me. And if a neighbor should see be behaving inappropriately my parents would hear about it and deal with it accordingly [that didn’t happen often]. Now many people don’t want anyone to touch their kid(s) let alone discipline. You can hardly hug OR admonish a child without a side eye from the public. We’ve let people who only have a surface interest in our children dictate then way we raise them and then we wonder why everything has gone awry. Maybe if everyone stepped up a little more (including myself) we wouldn’t have the need for so many abortions because our people will be trained to not get themselves into many of the situations that would call for abortion. I know my soapbox response has taken several directions and it is in no way a judgement on anyone who has had an abortion or anything, but leaving our personal choices up to t a government and a political party will only continue to undo us as a people

    • Virtualvenus

      I agree and I’m pro-choice. If the Republicans cared about black babies and what to prevent them why cut things like sex ed, birth control access, & education/self-esteem empowerment? We as a people need to do better. If you want to have unprotected sex, please get on birth control. Although I don’t recommend unprotected sex unless your marriage, cause their are way worst things than babies, but that’s for another day. DO NOT rely on the man. Empower yourself (woman)…take your own destiny in your hands. Things are not like as you describe anymore and it’s sad; however, there is a wealth of info and we know more now then ever. People need to take the tools at our disposal (internet, free education programs, whatever else) and use them to educate and empower ourselves to make better choices. While I am pro-choice, the best choice is to choose to always do better.

      • Ellie

        I always tell people that I’m for abortion but no prochoice because I only think life threatening situations (health problems that could kill both mother and child) and rape are the only two reasons to have an abortion…

  • Xio

    BTW…since when is my Black Child considered a SPECIES???? WTF!!

  • Mrsindependent

    First of all if black folks need to start thinking for themselves. I was a democrat because my mom told me to be one, when I started thinking for myself I choose to be an independent. If the goal for either party is to win, but will say anything to win black, .Jewish, Hispanic,women, catholics, Irish, etc votes. I’m a realist, the first party to invest more money in educational system in predominately black populated areas wins my vote.

  • Kayla

    Why are they and anyone else sticking their nose in other woman’s uterus. People are still going to get abortions no matter what

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  • Xio

    Please…they really think I will believe they care about my little black babies. The only reason they are concerned about black babies is BECAUSE OUR black children are the source of money for them!! Prisons are big business right now, they more people you have to fill them up with (black men) the more money you make!

  • Virtualvenus

    So now, I am to believe that the Republicans care about now both about women and Black people…. Yeah, not buying it for a minute. Try again, Republicons…

  • Part of the early origins of Planned Parenthood had to do with targeted poor European immigrants and blacks.  Why are the Republicans jumping on this now?

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  • The Republicans will take any avenue, as long as the goal is completed, and that is to diminish a woman’s right to choose.

  • bobster

    throroughly offended

  • MrsRivera

    A joke! Ha! They don’t care about us whatsoever but then draft a bill to block these young women’s choices. Then the next step will be too many black have too many children we need to cut them off from welfare. Outrageous! Everything negative is a black problem these days and I’m sick of it! I’m so glad I read this article this morning thank you Veronica we need more stuff like this to get us moving and protesting…