Jim Jones And T.I. Remind Us Why We Love Bad Boys

December 6, 2011  |  

It was hard to think about the fact that Jim Jones still hasn’t put a ring on it—it being Chrissy Lampkin’s finger, or that T.I. just came home from prison for the umpteenth time, after watching these two bad boys show the women in their lives special affection on last night’s episodes of “Love and Hip Hop” and “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

During a talk with his mother about him being in the middle of her relationship with Chrissy, Jim Jones shed tears, real man tears. He told Mama Jones, “If you say you love me the way you do and I’m telling you I love this lady the way I do, you should understand what’s going on” [and stop raping on World Star Hip Hop].

As if the site of a man crying wasn’t enough to make a woman’s heart melt, the next scene showed Jim treating Chrissy to a private rooftop Moroccan-themed dinner to show her special appreciation. I still may not get the proposal and it took a little while for me to understand their relationship, but last night I finally got why Chrissy hasn’t left Jim’s side these past six years.

During the next hour on “The family Hustle” we saw what’s kept Tiny down for T.I. over the past 10 years. TIP earned major respect when a schedule conflict and a direction-impaired driver almost kept him from attending his son’s football game. When he heard how disappointed Domani was that he wouldn’t see him play, T.I. told the driver to turn the car around and put off his BET show rehearsal to see his son play anyway. The excitement on Domani’s face was priceless.

A little bit later, the romantic side of the king of the south came out when he treated Tiny to an intimate dinner at home. Aside from the pure hotness of a man in the kitchen, T.I. looked delicious in a suit—with apron on top. He laid out a spread of “forgive me for being gone for 11 months gifts” for Tiny and then they had a private fancy dinner for two before he gave her “the best three minutes of her life.”

Trust issues, criminal backgrounds, and all other side-eye concerns when out of the minds of most women watching Jim and TIP (as observed on twitter). Both shows were a reminder of what attracts women to bad boys (I know I’m not just speaking for myself here). There’s something particularly swexy about a man with such a rough, hardcore exterior letting his guard down, even for a brief period, to show his soft side. And you can never get tired of seeing a man take care of his responsibilities as a father and husband/boyfriend. Word of caution though: It may take six to 10 years to get there with these types of men, but for Chrissy and Tiny it seems like the wait was worth it.

Did you watch the season premiere of “The Family Hustle” last night? If you caught Love and Hip Hop before, what did you think about T.I. and Jim Jones showing the women they love extra affection?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Weareallqueensandkings

    @JJ you got me w.the tears n the romantic roof top dinner.please tell your mama to put on clothes.I love her and i hope her and Chrissy can respect one another
    They don’t have to hold hands but respect is all I’m asking from them.
    Jim Jimmmms,you can’t get a better manager?reaaaaaallly??????

    @Ti..so much i could say but you are a married man n i gota show respect.:)
    Stay outta trouble.you are pissing me off.I wana look at you and i wana hear some music so get to it …
    I loved seeing your romantic side …
    Respect …That’s it.

  • Kayla

    People always act so high and mighty. Bet some woman are mad because their man with the 10 degrees don’t cook for them. 

    • Guest

      Bet he wasn’t cooking anything while in jail.  Some women are so dumb.

    • Guess

      Call me high and mighty b/c I am not attracted to those type of men.  I expected, wanted, and got more.
      And many women are not mad, I do, like many women, do most of the cooking and cleaning, but being a stay-at-home WIFE that’s is expected in many cases, including mine.  And Im proud that I have a trust worthy man to cook and clean for,  Man not a thug.

  • Ibdw2

    I appreciated how T.I. put his family first before his career. I was so happy to see a young black man show other black men that their women and children should be their priorities and, that work shouldn’t always be put before them. Women and children need more than material things to fulfill them and, make them happy. The most important thing is showing love, appreciation and, respect. I appreciate how Tiny treats T.I as the King of the house and, he treats her as the Queen. It shows a mutual respect that some couples have forgotten about in this day and age. Let the man be the man and, the woman be the woman. 

    • Clearly a man who ends up in jail TWICE does not put his family first.A man who makes wise decisions doesn’t end up in Jail for stupidity. 

  • L-Boogie

    I like how Jim Jones and Chrissy interact.  I just hope he finally marries her.  Come on now, SON!

  • No Disrespect

    You can tell, by Tiny’s reaction, that TI had never done anything like that before. It was all for the cameras. Just be real. Please. 

    • NikkitaMichelle

      If you watched Tiny and Toya then you know even when in prison T.I. made sure that his lady was showered with gifts.  Maybe he’s never cooked for her before, but he definitely spoils her.  And he should spoil her.  There’s not too many sisters that will wait for a brother who got locked up for 2 years.  She really loves him.

    • Faithmccoy05

      Only on Camera…Only on Camera

  • IllyPhilly

    Yes because constantly visiting my man in jail as well as being locked up with him or being a lazy loud mouth bully to a dingy looking man that can’t open his eyes gives me hope. BTW aren’t all these people in their 30’s?

  • Guest

    Some women are their own greatest enemy.  There are plenty of regular men who do treat their women to dinner without going to jail or taking over 10 years to commit to them.  This article is foolish.  It should be “Jim Jones and TI remind us why some women are stupid.”  Thanks for reminding me how I can manipulate foolish women to stay with me, while i cheat on them and go to jail.

    • Guess

      Agreed. There’s nothing attractive about men with multiple children by multiple women, who go in and out of job, and take years to commit.  Give me a regular, hard-working, non- baby daddy any day.  I guess that’s why Im the only one of my friends who is married.

      • Guess

        I guess that’s why Im the only one out of my friends who is married.

  • Mi

    There are many regular guys just liek TI and Jim J they are not felons or thugs and they treat thier women the same way. They wait 6-10 years and work regular 8-5. I think it is just a black man thing.  

    • Clue

      So then is wanting a thug or felon a “black woman thing”?

      • Guess

        It’s a
         “I-dont-love- myself-and-expect-more-for-myself thing”

      • Guest

        No its a women-like-bad-boys-thing. White women do the same but their felons get their records “expunged” so you would never know the messed up stuff they have done.

  • Guest

    Trust issues, criminal backgrounds, and things like that get put out of mind because dude cooks for your or takes you out to dinner? Really?  Wow some of you ladies never fail to disappoint in terms of the bad choices you make regarding men. I’ll stick with the ladies who don’t fall for the “thug trap” thank you

  • Babypam38

    Enjoyed both tv shows and I do get why women are attracted to bad boys lol enjoyed seeing that the men were both sensitive .

  • Willona1

    Jim Jones looks like he needs a bath.  He could never get it.  

    TI seems like a sweetie, but I don’t do felons.  Sorry. @twitter-40579434:disqus , I’m with you, a bunch of chicks are going to be thinking they can get their thug dude to settle down and be like TI.  

  • Melissa

    I’m so in love with that man Jim jones especially now that he’s cut them braids out.

  • T.I. & JJ set a LOT of regular nice dudes back about a decade with that ish. Now women have renewed hope for their “thugs”. SMH

    • Tiredofthebs

      completely disagree, if you’re on your job, no one can set you back. say what you want, but Beyonce could have gotten any corporate man she wanted, yet her and husband chose each other, speaks volumes about the realness of a street/former street dude, he’s not always looking to be approved by mainstream, or being good on paper. can’t count how many women I’ve seen dogged by mr. degree.

      with that said, date who u want, not who ppl say u should.

      • HARDMIKE

        Exactly, because a man without enough sense to stay out of prison, and a man in his 30s who openly gang bangs are who we should be telling young black women to aspire to be with, because “Lawd forbid, a man with a degree *might* dog you”. You sound incredibly stupid, thats why marriage is down, some people actually thing marriage is about them and what they want, (or more specifically, think marriage is about impressing some dayum body)yet can not understand why another person wants absolutely nothing to do with it.

      • Mrmakemusicmike

        Whatever! Let’s remember, this is reality TV, not reality.