Drama Queen: Why I’m Not Feeling “The Wendy Williams Show”

December 5, 2011  |  

Back when Wendy Williams was strictly on the radio, living in the Midwest, I really didn’t have the chance to listen to her show, therefore, I didn’t know much about her other than the fact that she was the black female “shock jock.” As years went on, I started to know more about her and more about her show, though I still hadn’t had the chance to listen, through the controversy she was creating. I remember she had started a huge beef between herself and many rappers, including 2Pac (who she claimed got raped in jail), Method Man (for talking about his personal business and exposing the illness of his wife, who was trying to keep her cancer diagnosis on the low), and a lot more folks. But what else can you expect from a shock jock but to make something out of nothing, even if her route was a little trifling? That’s what I’ve always taken away from these big names and their radio shows–if you hear gossip from them, don’t believe it–they’ll do anything to attract attention and start drama. But alas, that’s just how radio personalities are.

But now that Wendy Williams is actually on a syndicated television show, I expected her to do better. She doesn’t have to be on Oprah’s level or completely lose her wit, but all the drama starting and unprofessionalism should be on the up and outs. Somebody should have told her that a while back. Not only does Williams stir up drama where there isn’t and shouldn’t be any, but she comes off really crass and disrespectful sometimes when interviewing her guests. The latest “gotcha, gotcha” about her happened last week when she read off a supposed letter she received from Oprah (YEAH RIGHT) saying how Oprah supports Gayle King’s new position at CBS. It all started when Wendy questioned if Gayle’s new gig would cause a rift in their friendship.

Gayle heard about the letter Williams said was given to her by the Big O and called Wendy out by calling into the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” to set the record straight–Oprah never wrote that mess. Wendy responded today on Joyner’s show and cleared up the facts by saying that a member of Oprah’s camp sent the letter, but that Oprah had to know that it was going out. In Wendy’s own words: “I have no reason to lie about this…You could not imagine that this woman just sent the letter out on her own accord.”


The more I have seen Wendy Williams’ talk show in the short time that it has been airing, the more I want to put my foot through the television. Aside from being charismatic with her audience, which is nice, the show is a hot, burnt, booty mess. I’ll never forget an episode I saw recently when Wendy was instigating the rumors that Beyoncé wasn’t really pregnant after that video came out with her sitting down for an interview and her stomach wound up looking deformed. Not only did she say that B didn’t look as many months as she said (like all pregnant women have to look the same from month to month), but this lady actually had the nerve to do a test, asking pregnant staff members to sit down for the audience so she could show that Beyoncé didn’t sit down like an actual pregnant woman. Say what!? You could tell she was too delighted with the whole display.

And let’s not forget how awesome she is with her guests. From openly saying Basketball Wives LA star Draya has gotten around (and then calling her ” slory” behind her back on her after-show video blog) and asking Tiny and T.I. if the rapper’s wife should have taken the charges for him (a conversation he shut down with the quickness), to saying other former guests were getting a bit…plump, Wendy is the definition of class (you know I’m playing, right?). Check what else she had to say about Chris Brown’s ex Draya on her after-show blog when she was disappointed that the reality star didn’t go in-depth about her child endangerment rumors and basketball star dating past:

“If you’re going to continue to be on your back and only exemplify behavior that we saw on ‘Basketball Wives,’ or defensive, nasty behavior—which I don’t think you were nasty yesterday. I actually liked meeting you, and I loved your Fendi dress—but I don’t think that you did anything to defend your reputation of coming up lying down. That’s all.”

Wow. A part of me would like to really like Wendy Williams as a black woman doing massive things, but in reality, that’s just too hard of a task. She is a gossip monger who instead of trying to show some love to the black folks on her show, puts them on “front street” and just winds up appearing like a really nasty individual. She might say that once you get into the business you have to have “thick skin,” but child please, there is a difference between being able to take criticism and being able to deal with acrimonious speech.

Her show, from the intro music to the guests in general and the “HOW YOU DOIN!?, is random, and the fact that she has nothing better to talk about on it other than to make up a few lies and to be outright mean at times, is sad. Wendy Williams is like that one friend who spends more time defending the bull you heard she spread around rather than keeping it real, and because of that, I’d rather be watching the never-ending onslaught of court shows that show up on daytime television than what she’s offering. Divorce Court here I come!

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