Drama Queen: Why I’m Not Feeling “The Wendy Williams Show”

December 5, 2011  |  

Back when Wendy Williams was strictly on the radio, living in the Midwest, I really didn’t have the chance to listen to her show, therefore, I didn’t know much about her other than the fact that she was the black female “shock jock.” As years went on, I started to know more about her and more about her show, though I still hadn’t had the chance to listen, through the controversy she was creating. I remember she had started a huge beef between herself and many rappers, including 2Pac (who she claimed got raped in jail), Method Man (for talking about his personal business and exposing the illness of his wife, who was trying to keep her cancer diagnosis on the low), and a lot more folks. But what else can you expect from a shock jock but to make something out of nothing, even if her route was a little trifling? That’s what I’ve always taken away from these big names and their radio shows–if you hear gossip from them, don’t believe it–they’ll do anything to attract attention and start drama. But alas, that’s just how radio personalities are.

But now that Wendy Williams is actually on a syndicated television show, I expected her to do better. She doesn’t have to be on Oprah’s level or completely lose her wit, but all the drama starting and unprofessionalism should be on the up and outs. Somebody should have told her that a while back. Not only does Williams stir up drama where there isn’t and shouldn’t be any, but she comes off really crass and disrespectful sometimes when interviewing her guests. The latest “gotcha, gotcha” about her happened last week when she read off a supposed letter she received from Oprah (YEAH RIGHT) saying how Oprah supports Gayle King’s new position at CBS. It all started when Wendy questioned if Gayle’s new gig would cause a rift in their friendship.

Gayle heard about the letter Williams said was given to her by the Big O and called Wendy out by calling into the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” to set the record straight–Oprah never wrote that mess. Wendy responded today on Joyner’s show and cleared up the facts by saying that a member of Oprah’s camp sent the letter, but that Oprah had to know that it was going out. In Wendy’s own words: “I have no reason to lie about this…You could not imagine that this woman just sent the letter out on her own accord.”


The more I have seen Wendy Williams’ talk show in the short time that it has been airing, the more I want to put my foot through the television. Aside from being charismatic with her audience, which is nice, the show is a hot, burnt, booty mess. I’ll never forget an episode I saw recently when Wendy was instigating the rumors that Beyoncé wasn’t really pregnant after that video came out with her sitting down for an interview and her stomach wound up looking deformed. Not only did she say that B didn’t look as many months as she said (like all pregnant women have to look the same from month to month), but this lady actually had the nerve to do a test, asking pregnant staff members to sit down for the audience so she could show that Beyoncé didn’t sit down like an actual pregnant woman. Say what!? You could tell she was too delighted with the whole display.

And let’s not forget how awesome she is with her guests. From openly saying Basketball Wives LA star Draya has gotten around (and then calling her ” slory” behind her back on her after-show video blog) and asking Tiny and T.I. if the rapper’s wife should have taken the charges for him (a conversation he shut down with the quickness), to saying other former guests were getting a bit…plump, Wendy is the definition of class (you know I’m playing, right?). Check what else she had to say about Chris Brown’s ex Draya on her after-show blog when she was disappointed that the reality star didn’t go in-depth about her child endangerment rumors and basketball star dating past:

“If you’re going to continue to be on your back and only exemplify behavior that we saw on ‘Basketball Wives,’ or defensive, nasty behavior—which I don’t think you were nasty yesterday. I actually liked meeting you, and I loved your Fendi dress—but I don’t think that you did anything to defend your reputation of coming up lying down. That’s all.”

Wow. A part of me would like to really like Wendy Williams as a black woman doing massive things, but in reality, that’s just too hard of a task. She is a gossip monger who instead of trying to show some love to the black folks on her show, puts them on “front street” and just winds up appearing like a really nasty individual. She might say that once you get into the business you have to have “thick skin,” but child please, there is a difference between being able to take criticism and being able to deal with acrimonious speech.

Her show, from the intro music to the guests in general and the “HOW YOU DOIN!?, is random, and the fact that she has nothing better to talk about on it other than to make up a few lies and to be outright mean at times, is sad. Wendy Williams is like that one friend who spends more time defending the bull you heard she spread around rather than keeping it real, and because of that, I’d rather be watching the never-ending onslaught of court shows that show up on daytime television than what she’s offering. Divorce Court here I come!

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  • NuNu Beez

    You sound like a hater to me however Wendy Williams has accomplished a lot and made it far. Until you have cover the ground she has covered, there’s not much you can say but sit back and talk about her while she cleans fame and makes money. P.S. I will be at her show Jan 31, 2013. I will let her know she has supporters good bad and indifferent. Thanks for helping her name get out there in just a little bit more than it already is.


    SHE WENT WHITE…USE BLACK WAS NOT PAYING THE BILLS…she not a nice person any way i met her years ago she treated use like the HELP” its all good i still got paid off her stuck up self

  • Mignon2500

    I find it strange that she points out Beyonces pg may be fake.  There are no pictures of Wendy being pregnant, what hospital did she give birth in?  Or did she have her kid ‘at home, with only 3 witnesses’?  I think her kid is from a surrogate.  She claims she was on bed rest the entire time, what a conveient theory for no pictures.

  • Tanjoniquebs

    Why are all these articles based on personal opinion?

  • Tanjoniquebs

    Hmmm….I like Wendy. She tells it like it is. The plain truth. There are plenty of other shows that shouldn’t be watched.

  • Msantiago

    She would not dare treat her white guest like that – blacks should boycott her show

  • Kristenbobb

    sooooooooo ture!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    How is that different from TMZ or Access Hollywood… oh right she’s black…………nvm carry on

    • no dummy… its because she is an idiot. and the rest of those assholes can kick rocks as well

  • reese

    Wendy is just like Kim, Entertainment tonight and others captilizing on people’s love of anything celebrity.  People need to get their own lifes and stop worrying about celebrities and watching reality shows.  Why is this on because so many people watch it.

    • Love_Sexy


  • I can’t stand her. She starts drama for no reason. That said, it is her job and she gets the ratings her station wants. But i don’t watch her.

  • 123

    Does anyone remember the book with the title that was something like “Everything I’ve Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarden”?  Why do we even bother to teach our children socials skills like empathy and integrity and make that the expectation when we don’t even demand that from our peers?  I can appreciate a good laugh with the best of them but at some point, you have to have a standard of decency.  I’m from N.Y. and have witnessed Wendy using the power of her tongue to decimate people’s PERSONAL lives in minutes w/o so much as flinching.  She outed (over the radio) Lauryn Hill’s 1st pregnancy before the woman had a chance to even tell her parents- Lauryn was already on the way to the studio ironically with her father and cried on air b/c she was so shocked .  She goaded Whitney into a disgusting exchange while the woman was in the throws of addiction and extremely vulnerable. She of all people should’ve been empathetic to her situation, having sufferred from drug abuse herself but hey, you gotta keep it real, right?  I could go on but I’m sure most people are aware of her methods. This isn’t an Oprah vs. Wendy thing (not for me anyway) but rather an issue of knowing when we’ve gone too far.


    I love Wendy!!!! The show is great.

  • pkeys

    Wendy is pure entertainement but a major gossip monger.  But her show is no different than all the entertainment shows like E! or Access Hollywood.  She knows that people are fascinated with hollywood and that she can provide a voice for the people.  This will do Wendy eventually in after a while.  She will never be the next Oprah.  Just a big six foot strange looking gossiper.  Thats all.

  • Bhfkjhfjhwjhsa

    I really like Wendy. Didn’t listen to her on the radio but I love her on the show. Business406 has it right. Anyone who is anyone knows that Wendy is not Oprah or some woman from the view. She is in your face and if they don’t want to deal with it they shouldn’t go on her show!

    You also seemed REALLY pissed about the Beyonce baby bump thing, writer. You gonna be mad at the whole rest of the world too for thinking the baby bump is fake? Good luck with that!

  • Tatibasaubt

    Wow I know for a fact u wouldn’t say it to Wendy’s face u loser! Sounds like a HATER to me. Wendy is & has always been poppin! I’m 22 & been riding with wendy since I was 12! U won’t even congratulate her on her success. Been in the business over 20 year graduated from Monroe college! I don’t care about harpo. U need to have several seats & learn how to respect a damn Queen. U def won’t be getting far.

  • MizzLady

    #TeamWendy ALL DAY! If celebrities don’t wanna be talked about, they shouldn’t be in the public eye. It’s all entertainment and business. Wendy wouldn’t have a show if she wasn’t poppin, and she def has daytime television on lock.

  • Ant

    I was watching the show that day and Wendy specifically said that a member of Oprah’s camp sent the letter, so I don’t get the upset. Wendy is funny and says what we’re all thinking. While I’m not her biggest fan, I think she is doing a good job.

  • Natasha T

    I’ve never was feeling Wendy Loud Mouth Gossip Williams! I don’t watch her show because Steve Wilkos be on the same time as her show and I’m better off watching STEEEEEEEVE!!!


    Wendy’s info is reliable. This is why her audience is so huge. If she’s not sure of it she will say so or quote where she heard it. Part of being in the publics eye is that your subject to public ridicule. WETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT! The celebs that do not like Wendy do not go on her show. Nor did they appear on her radio show. Wendy made it clear that the Oprah letter was from a source. NOT a letter Oprah wrote her. Oprah has always overly controlled her image. So of course Gayle would deny the info. Oprah pays her too. 

    Wendy’s job has always been asking questions people really want too know. For twenty years now. She says time and time again, “If you don’t want me in your business don’t tell me your business”. She watches the same shows we watch and reads the same information available to all. She’s just the one with the power to get them on her couch and go in. Its up to them to deny or confirm the story. 

    Oprah and Wendy do and did the same thing. Don’t get fooled by Oprah with her soft lighting. She’s a gossip as well. She almost pissed her self when she got the Whitney Houston interview. And have you seen Doctor Phil’s show. Its like the bourgeois version of Jerry Springer. Please check out the Interview Oprah did with Naomi Campbell. Oprah was giving dirty looks and trying to pry into her life as well. And when Naomi said she liked being the “women at home” Oprah almost lost it in her body language. The main difference is Wendy calls you out. Oprah waits in the cut for you to come to her.

    Personally I would tell Wendy my business before Oprah. Oprah will judge you for it. Wendy won’t. Sometimes everything doesn’t have to be that private. If it was, these celebs wouldn’t tell a soul anything. Not even their momma. I have secrets that are going to my grave. As we all do. Im guessing the author would have killed her self in the McCarthy Era. People lost their lives to REAL Gossip and lies by the hands of WHITE MEN AND WHITE WOMEN.The Hollywood black list. Look up Hedda Hopper and Walter Winchill. Careers where ended. Oprah and Wendy are not ending careers. 


    • IndigoBlack

      Wendy wouldn’t judge??? I doubt that.

      • guest

        Yeah. Its a matter of taste. They both do the same thing. Oprah just wants you to volunteer information where Wendy asks you to clarify. Wendy’s drama is an act for television and was an act for radio. She’s not trying to be Oprah. In real life you can’t always wait to find out what’s going on. I’ve seen reputations ruined behind waiting for an explanation.

        Personally I trust the Gossip I can see over the Gossip that I can’t see. Me an my ex had a mutual friend. We both had a general conversation about this friend  during “pillow talk” and I mean general. I knew the ex-friend more years than my ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend always claimed I was nosey and gossiped. I was nosey with HIM because he was not an open book. Everything was too personal. Even his doctors visits. A reason we broke up. My “gossip” was venting about work. He wasn’t, so I  guess I was not supposed to share with him. Or he was to vain  to care. We had a not so friendly breakup. A month later  I ran into the ex-friend. I said few words about the break up to this ex-friend if anything. Even ended with “he’s a great guy”. 9 months later the ex relayed and salted  the same general “pillow talk” to my ex friend. I had to find out on face book. They are both cowards because if it was that severe they both should have addressed the horse. As the for the ex boyfriend…so much for him not being a gossip right????A gossip based on bitterness is the most dangerous.

        Gossip is gossip period. Some just like to be cut from behind. Im an in your face person. The stories usually end better that way. The only time people will stop talking about people is when we are all dead.

  • pretty girl swagg

    U CAN ALWAYS TURN THE DAMN CHANNEL.  There is no reason to compare one black woman VS black woman.  Its obviously enough room out there for all types of talk shows.   This person Indigo BLACK can kick rocks and turn the damn channel to something else

    • Love_Sexy

      Pretty much the way I feel which is turn the DAMN channel……I don’t watch neither one of them (Oprah and Wendy) but respect their accomplishments.

  • Jenn M Parks

    What blows my mind is how out of all the ridiculous talk shows that are on TV this author is singling Wendy out who is the only black female. Moreover, this author is singling Wendy out when she has watched the last 3 episodes. Wendy Williams has been in the public for 20 years plus and to go from radio to TV deserves a round of applause in its self. All of her catch phrases and antics all stem from her radio show, which this midwestern clearly didn’t hear which is why she’s so confused. Your confusion is based on ignorance because you didn’t listen to her when she coined the phrases. How can you comment on something YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! That baffles me!

    Wendy has always been a ‘shock jock’ and what she does on her current show is VERY watered down. She has insider information which is why she talks what she knows. And even if it is gossip, doesn’t every show have that aspect, come on! She asks her guests the same questions we would ask. I don’t wanna see another tired interview where each celeb is talking about the same mess. Answer some real questions!

    I suggest this “author’ go back to NOT watching Wendy, her ratings are high enough to stand without it and ‘write’ on topics that you actually know about. This my dear isn’t one of them.


    • IndigoBlack

      I knew the die-hard fans would reply…
      I actually watched the show when it started, not “the last three episodes” and it wasn’t that bad when it began, but yeah, I’ve stopped, because it pretty much turned into a mess. I don’t care what she was doing when she was on the radio, as I said, she needs to bring something better than that now that she’s on television.  Wendy seems like she could be a really nice person, but I’m sorry, that show can “kick rocks” as Pretty Girl Swagg said below.


        Indigoblack, I can appreciate what you wrote because some of the things you’ve pointed out, I’ve noticed as well, and it kinda rubbed me the wrong way and made me say hmmm. However, this is a gossip/drama show. She is loved because she is messy. She is real because she says what she feels and doesn’t hold anything back per se. She is entitled to her own opinions and perspective, as we all are, and as you’ve just wrote. In this day and age, people are so consumed with reality tv and “celebrities” and their lifes/drama. Fortunately and unfortunately, she isn’t going any where as long as those ratings stay high and there are people who love mess.
        As far as her crediability, lol, it’s gossip. Anything mentioned on her show is only creditable if the person she is gossiping about is on the show to dis-spell the rumor or confirm it. It’s no different from these gossip web sites, she is just on national television.
        We all gotta make a living some how and this is her hustle. 

  • wildcherry666

    People can what they want about Wendy, but she keeps it 100 and the woman is no liar. I am tired of people kissing Oprah’s behind acting like her doodoo don’t stink. Oprah is fake and caters to mostly white folks. She is a billionaire but acts like she is still on the massa’s plantation. That’s why OWN is failing because she still does not recognize the talents and strengths of her own black people. She needs to stop worrying about Wendy Williams and start worrying about how to save that cable channel of hers. Maybe if she stops kissing white people’s behind and start putting more flavor and black faces on her network then maybe she won’t have time to send out letters explaining the drama in her life. 

    • Alexis3331973

      I agree with everything you said, but Wendy Williams does seem to keep up trouble (drama). Why complain though? She gets ratings and thats what people like. As for Oprah, I do respect what she has done and what she has been through to get it done, but I can’t relate to her anymore. It’s like, she is not even black anymore. I didn’t even like the show over the last five years it was on air, because it frankly looked like something geared toward “white people.”

    • Mia

      That’s just it though, Oprah doesn’t care about Wendy, Wendy is the one talking about her. I think its unfortunate that you equate “keeping it 100” with earning a career based on dragging down members in the black community. Oprah may not have many black talents on OWN and that too is unfortunate but I’d rather be overlooked than talked about in a derogatory manner. Wendy is a triflin, oversized, sea hag, and I will never condone her behavior or her childish juvenile misbegotten talk show. Her outing a woman battling cancer is the limit in disrespect, especially when the sick women hadn’t even confided in her own mother about her illness. Wendy ain’t ish!

      • Alexis3331973

        I personally wouldn’t want to deal with someone like her (Wendy Williams) in a personal environment, such as work, school, grocery store…heck anywhere.

      • wildcherry666

        First of all Wendy Williams is a college graduate and earned her degree just like Oprah.   I am tired of fake negroes being celebrated because they make a lot of money and know how to kiss up to white people. If you like Oprah, nobody is saying you cannot continue to like her. Oprah is just not my cup of tea im sorry. Deep down she wishes she was white. Im not feeling that at all.

    • Msantiago

       Off all the reality show that OWN has only one is black Sweetie Pie – she had O’Neals, Judd and that other country singer horribly boring people if Lisa Ling’s show is stupied –

  • I love Wendy. 

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I agree. I always thought she was just messy for no reason. . .

  • IllyPhilly

    Just don’t look. Hate the Kardashian Show, at least Wendy worked for a living.

    • Love_Sexy

      Yep!……Say what you want and you may not agree with the way she did it but Wendy did it the old fashion way w/o a sextape.

  • Business406

    I think she’s funny. She asks the questions that people are wandering about. She’s brash and upfront, and everyone that goes on her show knows it. If they don’t want to deal with her, they don’t go on there.