Corny Brothas: Celebrity Men Who Fuel The Cornball Industry

December 2, 2011  |  
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Corny means different things to different people. Personally, I don’t dislike corny people but I’d rather not be doing dinner dates with corny men. Corny, to me, involves being into fluff, being partially fake, and just lacking any type of swagger. And like I said, that ain’t a bad thing but…

There’s no better way to illustrate what I consider corny to be than to highlight some of the celebrity brothas in the game who exude that special combination of swagger-lackin and the ability to force laughter at the drop of a dime. All these guys are cute from afar but up close, when they open up their traps, it’s game over.


Let’s start off with the King of Corny, P.Diddy. We have to hand it to him though. He loves himself some cornball fluff and so does the world apparently. Diddy has built an empire from his compeltely unapologetic approach to music, business, and showboating!

Taye Diggs

Oh Taye, you had us at “Hallo” in your debut as the Hot young buck on How Stella Got Her Groove Back. But all that swag went out the door once we heard you talk in your real voice. Seeing Diggs name cast in a Black film always makes me cringe. He can’t feign “cool” for nothing. His corniness really got to shine when he played opposite Sanaa Lathan in Brown Sugar. Could we really believe that he was cool and composed enough for Ms. Lathan? Nope.

Terrance Howard

There’s a reason the Hollywood sisters stay away from Howard. The man is C-ORNY! But I do have to say that he is a stellar actor. It was a little jarring to see him in Hustle & Flow as the tortured Memphis pimp and then see him in interviews talking in a way that completely lacked any of the flavor he exuded on screen.

Nick Cannon

Do you remember the lyrics to Nick Cannon’s Gigolo single of 2003? Let me remind you:

“I’m a gigolo, spending lot’s a dough
You can tell the way wide-body, sitting on vogues
And how I’m shining, wit the fresh, fresh clothes
Always surrounded, by so many (HO!)”

Granted, R.Kelly sang the chorus of Cannon’s debut single, but Cannon himself owned all the corny appeal of the song’s ill-advised pomposity. Maybe he was following in the footsteps of the equally corny music career of his mentor Will Smith. Like so many of our corny brothas, Cannon rode his cheesiness to the bank by producing a string of hit movies, shows and marrying up.

Will Smith

I don’t know what happened with Will. He was great as the Fresh Prince and funny as heck as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but once he revisited his music career and produced songs like “Getting Jiggy Wit It” and “Welcome to Miami,” it was such a buzzkill. Couple that with his overly extra manner in people pleasing on the red carpet and forcing his signature laughs, and it’s easy to see why Smith is vying for the King of Corn award against Diddy.

The Game 

The whole name dropping thing is not a good look for The Game. As much as he tries to come off hard, his billion references to celebrities who don’t give two tweets about his “I rep Compton” arse just render him lame. Luckily enough, he lives in his own mind so the fact that he garners little respect in the game hasn’t slowed down his production (unfortunately for us).


Okay, so I personally don’t think Drake is a cornball but an overwhelming amount of my co-workers and friends think so, which is why I’m including him on the list. What are the reasons, you ask? Well, Drake does run his mouth too much about all the women he loves. From Malia, to Nicki Minaj,to Rihanna, to Serena, he can’t get enough of waxing poetic about all the strippers and female celebrities he’s drooled over. We get it Drake, you’re the romantic type but relax man. And oh yeah, the Cosby sweaters are also doing him no favors in the swagger department.

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    OK….but why dose drake keep rapping he not good at all and DIDDY Ibet when diddy have sex he calls out HIS OWN N A M E…..HAHAHA

  • I actually loved Will’s ‘swtich’. C’mon

  • Jacluvschd

    They forgot to add Lloyd and Ray J! 

  • Tiyonda1218

    This blogger is stupid, needs to utilize spell check, this article doesn’t make sense

  • Lol, Terrance Howard though? Will Smith? lol this is where I draw the line. I was waiting to hear some grounded examples of how these two men are corny. All I heard is how they sound in there interviews and red carpet etiquette. For shame on this blogger.

  • LeshaDgafVaughn

    haa! they forgot lil wayne n terrence j! but um terrence howard and will smith? i dont think so

  • Youknowimright

    Black women are fading away, when will you learn it’s not us it’s you.

    • YeahRight2011

      Diddy is that you? 

  • 7lady

    You have to have a happy medium. I like men just like myself. I’m not a Condoleeza but I’m damn sure not a hoodrat either.

  • 7lady

    Yall got it mixed up…don’t nobody want no perped out monkey see monkey do azz thug either. Blair Underwood is not corney nor a thug. Larenz Tate is not corny or a thug. Boris, and plenty other black men just got it. It’s called charisma (swag)

  • Mike

    It’s good to see our black people showing respect to men who aren’t “Real Ni^^as”. If you’re not violent, threatening, irresponsible, disrespectful or intimidating, you’re corny.

    These corny black men like Will Smith are too responsible. He don’t curse on his records, never been arrested, shot or been to jail and he has the nerve to maintain a family and take care of his kids. This corny dude even made a song about how much he love his son. How Will Smith going to be a “Real Ni^^a” being accepted to MIT? No police record and he scored high on the SAT’s? He’s not a “Real Ni^^a” like JoJo Simmons. JoJo was corny at first on Run’s House taking advice from his father but now he’s rapping about “Bit#hes” even though he has two sisters.


  • KoKo

    ik yall didnt forget about Terrnce from 106!!

    • Netdandri

      Terrence J is in the exact same category as Will Smith and Nick Cannon. They are kind of silly /goofy acting sometimes, but overall are hardworking, decent, respectable guys. And they’re cute. I would MUCH rather have one of them than a guy with a bunch of tatoos on his face talking about “Put it in her eye. Put, put it in her eye.”

  • keelly

    And by corny men you need men who do not go around gun toting, talking about selling drugs and disrespecting women???? …. As a woman sometimes I don’t understand my own kind.

  • senoj

    so if these men had arrest  all would not consider them corny?  All black men are not thugs

    • Netdandri

      Exactly. Most of these guys are just smart business minded men who have manners and represent positivity. I would love to have a husband that acted like Will Smith. The writer is putting these people down because they’re not thugs.

    • YeahRight2011

      You didn’t read it did you? Now you mad. READ.

  • Wesdawg77

    In reply to Annoyed…because girls like bad boys…no pun intended…well maybe. All these dudes have in common what’s known as being late bloomers. In high school, they WASN’T the man, homie, n now they showcase their talents n thrive financially, publicly, and in turn, sexually. Whereas, the gangsters have alpha male bravado, these dudes got $, a stylists, or just late swagger…I’m guilty, and can say my life is a cracked mirror from how I acted in school, swagger, n broads I knocked down. But corniness rears its ugly head n once a nerd, always a nerd, so if the ugly shoe fits or did so in grade school, just wear dat MF proud every so often…

    • senoj

      get a dictionary

  • Annoyed

    This article is so stupid. What’s the point? What’s corny about men who have a job and do it well? What’s so bad about having manners or being approachable or respectable (not saying that all of these men listed are but you get my drift)? 

  • Lexyaj

    What about the Wayans???!!!

  • YeahRight2011

    Add Wiz, Waka, Wayne, Dro, Jeezy, T-Pain, Slim Thug, Gucci Man (a black man who names himself after an Italian luxury purse maker is…), and Khaled.

    • djmixtapeunderground

      What would u listen to? I’ll wait.

      • YeahRight2011

        Jazz; Jesse Cook, Boney James, Herbie Hancock, Simply Red, Ingognito
        Heavy Metal; Seether, Evanescence, Slip Knot, Drowning Pool, Viatrophy
        Blues/Soul; Koko Taylor, Bill Withers, B B King, Etta James, Aretha Franklin
        Rock: Motley Crew, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, SOAD

        Looks like I should be okay huh?

      • Geesh

        ALL That s**t is WACK!!!! Just because you’re a d**krider doesn’t mean everyone else is. I know another cornball who belongs on that lis 😉

    • Stephanie

      They can add 50 Cent, Ray J,  Floyd Mayweather & Wayne Brady to the list!!!

  • T.L.

    If she wouldn’t have put Drake on there I would have been too upset. You forgot to mention his super lame corny and fruity way of talking in interviews. He sounds like a fruit cake, especially the way he gawks about how much he loves wayne. Man, give it a break! The whole way of talking in interviews, the way she pointed out with Terrance Howard, is a dead set ringer with Drake!

  • De

    thses men pull more atrractive women than the mud ducks who run thius site

  • bria

    Drake is sooo ugly.

  • 7lady

    Yall forgot Cuba Gooding ughh he so damn corny…all that damn crying

  • Kayla

    will smith may be corny but he can still get it 😀

  • I’maDiva

    I guess a lot of women love corny men. Like Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mariah Carey, J-Lo (well, what man doesn’t SHE like?), and all the fifty eleven women who have been with Diddy. Those “corny” men seem to be doing ok to me! lol

    • Stephanie

      I like the corniness of Drake, Will Smith & Nick Cannon, but the other ones irk me to no end!!!