The Top 11 Most Ridiculous GOP Campaign Moments (So Far)

June 24, 2011  |  

By Jay Anderson

With more and more GOP candidates throwing their hat in the 2012 ring, silly season is officially underway. In an effort to prove who loves America the most and loves Obama the least, the 2012 presidential aspirants are figuratively elbowing each other out of the way as they jockey for position in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire. This brand of retail politics has already produced some absurd moments. Here are 11 of our favorites — so far. With this cast of characters, there are certainly going to be more.


1. Herman Cain Escapes “The Democratic Plantation”
By playing the “I’m not like the rest of those black folks” angle on the campaign trail, former pizza magnate Herman Cain has become a darling of the Tea Party set. He has also repeatedly trashed Obama’s biracial upbringing by stating that he could be the first “real Black President.” But it’s Cain’s oft-repeated “I left the Democratic plantation, and I ain’t goin’ back” line that really gets em’ riled up. And truly makes little sense.

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  • JLG

    What this collection of clowns and their foibles prove is that despite the fact that they've (as always!) managed to completely take over the national agenda during the past two years of being out of power, the Republican Party is just as leaderless as they were when they were lamenting that status back in December 2008. Just as directionless, too. Oh, they do have one direction—-the same old paleo-social conservatism of the past 30 years, that truthfully has been the only front on which the party has managed to get any blood pumping since the 2010 election. But directions for the country on the issues they CLAIM to want to counter Obama on? They really have nothing beyond their stale anti-tax/debt fearmongering rhetoric and a newly aggressive anti-entitlements platform. And, as your highlights remind us, they are painfully, woefully out of touch, to boot.

    Regardless, I'm not convinced any of this will diminish their chances of victory next year. I don't think that's how things work anymore.

  • Parker'sRow

    Wow for the photo/caption of Michele the Bachmann! First, there is the crown-like light that seems to come out of her head. Next, she's being made up–news flash – guys get make-up too especially for tv. Finally, the only woman that is officially running is told to shut up! Talk about covering the bases! Or is that, biases?

  • YesCubanB

    As entertaining as this gang of lunatics are, a few of them just may come off as loveable and simple enough for their supporters to launch one of these idiots into the white house accidentally. Not to mention I doubt Obama’s going to have the same kind of turnout had in 08 for a few different reasons. Main one being voter turnout in general.

    • poopsie

      That was an obviously Racist and Sexist attempt at fear mongering!