Should You Split The Bill Evenly or Just Pay Your Share?

May 25, 2011  |  

How do you feel when you’re invited to a birthday dinner at a restaurant? Do you feel excited or does the thought of splitting the bill with ten other people make you uneasy?

As often as it happens, there seems to be no clear consensus on how to deal with splitting the bill. Some insist that you should pay for what you ordered, others believe that you should divide the bill evenly whether or not you had an appetizer and Joe had a four course meal.

To understand the general sentiment surrounding this sensitive issue, TAP correspondent Jason Moore took to the streets of LA. Check out what folks had to say!

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  • Great point! allows roommates to split expenses because every penny counts!

  • Mel

    I dont feel like discussing and calculating a joint bill so I purposely show up 45 min to an hour late just so the waiter creates my own bill. Just recently did this at a wedding rehearsal dinner and everyone else had problems but me.

  • My2Cent

    Pay your share. What if your order is the more expensive than another? Split each member's order so they can cover their own cost.

  • Lulu

    There’s no question at all — pay for what you ate. No way am I paying more or less than what I owe!

  • Kyla

    Pay for what you ordered, every one should already know to have cash, so they have enough to cover what they have ordered. However I always ask for a separate check (and if I'm out with friends most of the time my lil sis is with me so her bill goes with mine-& we never have an issue on who has it-I don't mind paying for my sis)

  • in my opinion

    i just pay for what i order because i dont feel i should have to pay for other people food especially if their meal is more expensive than mines!

  • Meghan Nicole

    Splitting the bill based on calculating everyone's share used to be a mess before I started using PayDivvy allows my friends and I to pay each other back online or via mobile devices for exactly what we owe for shared expenses. That way, there's no issue about over-paying or under-paying, and usually people don't carry around the exact amount of change anyway so you need an easy way to pay them back.

    I highly recommend to anyone who's ever struggled for more than five minutes when it's come time to paying the bill with a group of people. PayDivvy is the first and only social bill pay solution, and is perfect for paying both personal and shared bills in one place. Splitting the bill among 10 other people doesn't have to be a nightmare anymore!

  • Darline

    When I go with a group of friends, I always get a separate check!!! All my friends are big and eat alot besides they don't like to tip..I am a good tipper if you are a good server : )

  • GIGI

    THIS is tough because i feel like I Should only be required to pay my share because i do not drink and liqour is expensive, but if i by an $11 meal why should i pay 37 bucks cuz someone else got an extra drink