NFL Player’s Defense Rests On Dislike For Black Women

April 29, 2011  |  

There’s one thing white America never has to worry about and that’s a white man making a point about how undesirable the female members of his ethncity are. For the latest spectacle of self hate, we turn to Washington Redskins player Albert Haynesworth who was recently indicted on one charge of sexual abuse, having been accused of fondling a cocktail’ waitresses breast.

According to the indictment, Haynesworth told a security guard, “I didn’t touch her” and that the waitress was “a little black girl” and he “doesn’t even like black girls.” Later, according to the indictment, Hanyesworth told detectives “I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me.” (Source:

Although people tend to make rash remarks when feeling defensive, why does it seem that Black women are so attacked by their men? What if the accuser had been a white woman? She probably would’ve been called a Itchbay, end of story. But Haynesworth had to take it there and really convey his dislike for his sisters. White women are never demonized in these narratives, since they are simply accepted of being representative of all women. But Black women, over and over again, absorb very specific attacks in the media and in everday life. Sadly, Black men are not always there to defend their women,which is not the case amongst other cultures and ethnicities.

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  • Caydence

    Wow……his mother must be so…….proud.

    Actually, assuming that she has enough pride in her people and her family, I could only imagine how his mother must be feeling right now. If I were her I would probably be hiding under a rock somewhere! I mean, what could I say to my family and friends? Here I have a self loathing, ignoramous of a son who doesn't even have the common sense to know that by making that statement he's insulted himself, his mother and thrown every woman that shares his bloodline under a freakin' bus! In the end, his comment doesn't just say a lot about him but it says alot about how he was raised and that's something that his mother I (as well as his father) should have nipped in the butt a long time ago.

    But then again, whenever we see this kind of ignorance it usually doesn't stop there. This dumbness could have been passed down FROM the very family who raised him. Either way it's so very sad.

  • Soloman X

    Every time someone says something in regards to race they act as if they speak for all of that race and they don't everyone ahas different experiences and education levels. It doesn't bother women in my circle because they are educated and respectful enough of themselves to know people say ignorant things all the time does not mean it pertains to that women nor does it mean anything to that race of women. It all depends where you are, who your around their intellectualness level or how people think. such confusion and pettishness people should get tougher skin and not get so upset about race and pay attention to more important things like Family unity, love, keeping young men out of jail, giving young people hop and mental strength for the future , passing along family traditions. Too much hate ( give No praise to the D__v__L the ruler of the Lie. Think before you speak and have some respect for yourselves and others.

  • Reggie

    The is one man's opinion and he is entitled to that no matter how rediculous. I find it irresponsible of this publication to even publish it as if it is the opinion and representative of the entire Black race or of Black NFL players. This kind of ignorance is not worth reporting.

  • Xiana

    In the UK that already exists. There's a special unit to handle black-on-black crime, such is the hatred in the community.

  • Big Al

    I understand what r u saying but keep in me, that guy is just one brother, so pls don't lump all blackmen together. I for one would not date a white woman or anyother nationality out of my race. I have lived long enough to know better. For me, i like my own kind. Nothing against other woman.

    • Mazio

      I hate hearing that black men do defend their women. That's a broad statement. There are men (all races) that degrade women of all races. I know plenty of black men who proudly stand up for their women. Simply put….men need to be men and respect women.

      40% of the single population date outside their race.

  • YT2012


  • ZaZa

    The statement that mentioned that men of other races don't state how undesireable their women are or how they disrespect them doesn't pertain to how they treat them necessarily. It's about how they don't put their business or "preference" out there for everyone to hear. In just about every relationship there's some type of disrespect whether abuse, arguments, or some other falling out. But I have never heard a white, hispanic, or asian man who date or marry women of other races say I hate my own because (fill in the blank here). And who are willing to broadcast it on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, on the streets, at the barbershops, twitter or facebook like black men. That is where this site and women on here are coming from for those who didn't understand that.

  • Fajr

    when you walk out of the door everyday, you not only represent yourself, you represent your race. behave as if you are head of state or a conglomeration. there will always be someone who doesn't like you, so what, who cares? not all black men are idiots. there are other races that deface their women and treat them as chattle. the question is: how will you treat your man and how will your woman treat you? start at home, take it from there.

  • NiqNiq2k11

    Don't bash all blk men and women because we are not the same. I am a blk woman and I love my blk husband he is very good to me and very family oriented. Sometimes people can't help who they are attracted to, love is love as long as your significant other treats right! Don't let the media get to you blk women because that's all they want to do, they love for us to fight amongst each other. There are plenty of good strong BLK MEN out there that love and support there educated BLK WOMEN!!!!

  • Izzy Dean

    How can you figure out this attitude among the young men? What happened to the concept "you get honey from the bee"?? How many strong women kept a young boy from starving hungry in the street? What about the song "NO Charge"????

  • ssminno

    as bazzare is this will sound i find it sad and funny at the same time. Sad because of "Yet another" bad public persona of Black Women in the media. Funny because when men date/marry outside their race they celeabrated, but when a woman does the same thing she gets slamed and repremanded for it.

  • Bobby

    Black men love and respect their women as much as any other ethnicity. Stop painting all Black men with the same brush of a few that are so ignorant. Every race exploits their women as much as the next. Blacks should not carry this burden when women are exploited all over the world by MEN regardless of their ethnicity.

  • gororo

    it's ironic how the definition of a "s strong black woman" is defined by raising kids without a man . If you are strong, how come you couldn't resisit that part of a man that made u a mother?
    My girlfriend is black but it toook me a while to find a sane educated blackwoman who doesen't have a a child. Why is it so hard for you people to realize it`s his personal preference, there are some that won't date fat women or skinny women. He won't date black women because he doesen't find them attractive, it's called life live with it. My thing is i won't date a girl who is proud to carry another person`s body part on her head (hair), so i would rather date one who has her own,black or white.

  • LET me set the record straight! First off, for anyone of you to choose to date another person outside of your race, that's fine…but you are utterly FOOLISH to stereotype an entire race of males just because YOU ran into the stupid ones! Unless you dated every single black male, shut up! Just because YOUR dad wasn't (and still isn't) anything special in your life, doesn't mean that mine isn't, because he's been in my life since before I gained a memory! Moreover, I've never been attracted to white females, so AGAIN…don't stereotype by sayin' ALL BLACK MEN are attracted to white women, because they are a COMPLETE turn off to me! And lastly, PLEASE don't put ALL white men on a pedestal either, because ALOT of white males sterotype you're ignorant selves just as much as you GLORIFY them, and they aren't even worth 2 pennies rubbed together! I think I'm done!

  • Misswanda

    Wow he really hates himself truly… I mean really this man is very very sick… And I can’t imagine his parent even owning such a monster… Just because he’s a damn fool the law should make him pay make an example of such a jack a** that he’s is… The fact the he would bring himself to say such a thing makes me sick on my stomach and it’s has nothing to do with color just that fact someone is so sick they have the nerve to even have a career.

  • real-ish

    he's ugly anyway so who cares….usually the ones who are not attractive always go for some1 outside their race b/c they know other races don't care. i pretty sure that alot of black women blew him off b/c they thought he was overweight and not attractive. simple.

  • iWilFly

    That was real lame of him. D***s like this make us look bad. Its all good tho, dont let this sh*t geg under your skin, black women. Most Of us have love for yall. Dont use this as an example to make some reaching generalization that all black men hate bw. We dont, dont let the media get to u.

  • joe digle

    he probably said it to get out of the situation. it's still not cool. but, some women of any color are serious gold diggers. and some sistas are guilty of this from the get. so, oh well.

  • paul

    this is one person not all black and all black woman some people are this way i know white guys who would never date a white woman and white woman who wouldnt date white men.

  • Greygoose125

    What an idiot – not only is he the worst teammate; as a man – he ranks lower than the dirt on the bottom of your shoe.

  • Sapphire

    People forget that just because someone seems successfully wealthy that they are sometimes morally and intellectually bankrupt – case in point, this character who goes by the name Albert Haynesworth.

  • Likewater4choc

    This is one of the many cases that I can say that a white woman can have his azz!

  • caramelcreamsundae

    And I hope she has a I like white people or some of my best friends are white women or I have a white relative counter. Black men are so foolish, they look at you when they are with white women like they are with God himself. They feel so esteemed. A pitiful shame and so foolish. Their biracial daughters will be considered one of those black girls he referred to derrogatorily. Calling a woman a girl just like when black men were called boy. This is the same demonic spirit taking on a new life in the minds of black men. Wow!

  • MsD

    I hope that we get to the point where we, meaning black women and black men, can appreciate the differences in each other, leverage each other to the next level and appreciate what we have become through our ancestors, and what we can become for the future of the black race…..Why must we continue to hate each other. This is so sad to me. I love my brothas, and often in circles where I can speak badly of those brothas that have left a bad taste behind, I DON'T. So I ask, Where is the integrity.

  • Brain

    Doesn't Albert have teammates who would redress this matter. That's what you get when you give the idiot $100M contract which he doesn't even understand the price that was paid for him to earn a living in the NFL. That at a point and probably still persists that black players and especially black quarters were considered less intelligent than their white counterparts. It's a shame and it all continues till date.

  • Currvalicious

    I wonder what his African American female relatives think of his comments? I'm sure he hadn't always felt this way. Could it be when he became a millionaire? Because in the real world, if we weren't a multi-millionaire the Beckys wouldn't give him the time of day.

  • Kalvin Jefferson

    This is about the plantation mindset that exist today.Our humanity was questioned from jump street and everything that goes along with it.Now a uneducated jock gets to spew venom against the women that are similar to his mama,sister,aunt and grand ma.What ever he prefers is his own business and i will defend his freedom to date and marry whatever color of woman(or man) he wants.Please Mr.Haynesworth use caution with your mouth because unfortunatley we are all judged the same in certain quarters.There was a time in this nation whae if you as a Black man did not prefer sistahs,to bad because being to close to any white woman could get you killed.Now thank god we moved away from that nonesense but the old fear of white men persists of the black man/white woman forbidden fruit scenario,Just ask Harold Ford about that one because it cost him the u.s senate.

  • Black women need to grow up and stop whining about Black men not liking them. Stop and think: WHEN was the last time you heard a Black woman say ANYTHING positive about Black men when whites give them the opportunity to speak on the subject of Black men on national television, radio, in national magazines, or in novels? You can count the times Black women have said anything positive about Black men over the past 20 years on one hand. When it comes to Black men, Black women are worst than the Tea Party– downright fanatically consistent in their contempt for Black men.

    So it should come as no surprise that when many Black men achieve financial success, they are in no hurry to run back to the hood to find a Black woman. Black men are not stupid: They know most "educated" Black women would not even speak to them unless they have money, power, or influence. You can't WIN an "educated" Black woman's heart, you have to BUY it. And Black woman say so every time they get a chance.

    So stop whining: Black women have made this bed and now they have to sleep in it.

  • katmazy

    This just displays how ignorant and how much self-hatred he has. So that means he doesn't even value his mother, sisters and other extended female relatives.

  • Kalvin Jefferson

    I dont care what kind of woman you like please brothers dont drag your own down!As far as i am concerned,Albert Haynesworth is not any kind of man i would call a "brother".Date who you like Albert but remember that those words will come back and bite you!

  • robin

    i am very sorry about his comment. However, what we must understand is Men like him have and will always feel the way they feel and will continue to voice it and we cannot stop them. ( I am a Black woman) I must also say that this is white we ar so disrepected by not just white but other ethnic groups, because black men (not all) have such disdain for black women. it is very sad.
    But I must say this: It never bothers me to see a black man with a White woman. This is because I am a romantic and believe in love…….you cannot force someone to be with someone else because of their race. If a black man is truly attracted to a white woman an that swho he wants to be with …so be it!!….if he is happy and she is happy and they have children….. then that one more happy family… our communities….and i like that…… Once again i am very sorry he felt he had to say such a terrible thing about a black woman. Lets pray the God will teach him a lesson that he will never forget……….and then he will curb his tongue…..we don't always have to say what we really feel………………pary for him

  • albert

    black women attack black men thru the media all the time…so stop whining, I mean really cut out the bs

  • renee

    Wow, I am stunned. Well, I hope he doesnt get a jury of black women! Let the white women save him. It's self-hatred, through and through, I actually feel sorry for black men & women who feel like that. Good riddance, I say. If you want to go outside your race, by all means have at it, but don't blame a race of people for your choices. I can only imagine how his mother feels or how he feels about his own mother, just sad. Personally, I can't do it, I've thought about it, but I know my history too damn well to walk that path. Again, thats a personal choice. I can't imagine not having a good black man by my side.

  • Alexander

    Another dumb-a** post by some dumb-a**. The real problem is folks like this author making stupid generalizations about blacks and whites. One black man makes a statement and now he is held up as a representative of all black men?! So what if Haynesworth doesn’t like black women? What has that got to do with me? Folks need to stop thinking and acting like black people are some monolithic group. That is how racism and bigotry begins. The mere fact that some blacks are so quick to judge and denigrate their own black brothers and sisters shows that there is something wrong with them, as if they have some inferiority complex.

  • Toni Williams

    Very sad.

  • Elle C

    This is sad in all forms its ok if a black men is more interested in white women…fine ok thats cool…but dont down play your sisters like they cant offer anything…His mother and grandmothers were "little Black Girls"…smh

  • Marquis de Sade


  • noworries

    That’s okay. This clown just committed career suicide and just like oj, when his world falls apart…and it will…his words/actions will return to bite him in his a$$. He’s in court for being disrespectful and his silly behind is making a case for the prosecution…dummy.

  • Dat214boy

    Who cares, these nappy headed golddiggers juay use up athletes & make reality shows about it anyway. Cheers to haynesworth!

  • Imchillin


  • BlackFemaleNY

    Idk becuz if that was a black man accused for doing that first off he probably wouldve went thru why more with the security guard & he def wouldve call her a white b***h, I think he wouldve done samething….Shyt! If he gotta a black gf with him that white girl couldnt probably even look his way lmaooo!

  • MzMula

    Sad but true that’s why I only date spanish and white guys they really appreciate a black woman and make her feel beautiful unlike these dirty douchebag niccas

  • dgrrl

    The first sentence says it all! This has always been my point with regards to black men and white women. I dont care, if its love or if its attraction, so be it! BUT…a white man will never disrespect a white woman the same way some black men do.

  • Black Goddess

    Those kind of black men lack substance trust me… I have dated a few bm that previously dated ww and one was married to a ww and they lost the essence of being a black man and they were highly insecure and overall majorly wack…they wanted to be with me because I am a beautiful black queen:) but they were not kingly enough for me.—

  • realtalk

    What White men have been objectifying and degrading their women since the begining of time! It is the white mans ways that blacks are taking upon themselves.

  • Black female

    It is really sad but when you grow up thinking the white race is superior to you its difficult to change that point of view. Black men hate us because deep down they hate themselves. Just accept your skin color and hair type and move on. Date who you want but stop saying mean/hurtful things about black women.

  • Quan

    F*** Haynesworth, black women aren’t feeling a lost just because he will not date them. They are lucky because he evidentially doesn’t know how to treated them, with his fat ass. He is just a cheeseburger away from a heart attack anyway.

  • Low self esteem hoe

    Oh my!

  • pat

    And vice versa….anything out side of stereotypical norm is “gay” let black women tell it… men are dawgs, black men got babies everywhwer and baby mama drama….just some of the attacks I c here on black men…..which makes woman of another race just that more desirable

  • Corduroy

    Love our sisters!

  • qfine the dime

    Omg I am so sick of black men calling off all black women. So you have a little cash now and your ugly a** can get a white girl now bit wait till the money is gone let’s see who you want back in your life then smh come on your moma is black

  • The Cynic

    “Our women?”

    Just bc you are black doesn’t mean I own you. Black men & women don’t own or owe each other anything. How can you call someone a self-hater for not being attracted to a black woman? Do you call whites and Asians racist for not dating black women? If he wanted someone who looked like himself wouldn’t he get a man?

    • real-ish

      what do you mean if he wanted someone who look like himself he would get a man, you make no sense with that last comment….it shows how ppl are really simple-minded these days. smh.

  • Blessed Daughter

    Unfortunately, to the demise of the black family structure, and image of the way we as a people value ourselves, persistent attacks on our image as black woman and subliminal messages feed to the public psyche regarding the image of beauty have been successful in creating a wedge between our sitahs and brothers. Some of our men simply don’t want us anymore.

  • 7lady

    This is so sad, disgusting and embarrassing. The short article was right on point…u never hear other races of men put their women down like this. I’ve also heard foul words about black men from black women on this site. I am not upset with this guy. I’m upset with how we as a people have allowed them to manipulate us, brainwash us. Some of us truly hate ourselves. So no I’m not mad at him I feel sorry for him. He’s not even aware of what he’s saying. You could explain it to him a thousand times and he still wouldn’t. Smh

  • Tracy

    Here we go again. If he doesn’t he could have keep it to himself.

  • MOE


  • lol

    Mmmm its funny how black ppl comment on deplorable yet very cynical articles but don’t comment on this which I find very FUNNY

    • BELLAX

      Why would we respond to a comment like that? This guy is an idiot. Black women know our black men better than any one so we know why he said what he said AND why he choose a Becky. We know it the minute we see u and he know we know. It's like what they say about brothers on the down low, there is some communication going on if u know it or not.

  • and us black women dont like his ugly ass

  • bouyant

    I keep telling blk women stop dating black men. Especially American blk men.

    • pimpinperry2

      That would be good if black women stop dating black men. Then maybe we black men wouldn't have as much drama .

  • WithAllHonesty

    Well… I mean… it’s believable…especially today.

    Anyway…I stand up for Black women such as my mother,grandmothers, aunts, girlfriend cousins and friends and any other Black woman who is also respectable, has pride, and would do the same for me.

    No need to make this a gender issue because there’s not too many Black women or men I’d put my neck on the line for and risk everything or anything for because it won’t be appreciated, it won’t be reciprocated, and 9 times out of 10 they have placed themselves in horrible position that has forced someone into saving them.

  • SpicyCreole

    I’m not at all surprised by his comments, I couldn’t tell u the last time I was interested in a black man.

  • Sasha

    Wow! Really! I wonder what his “black” family thinks about his remarks, including his black mother. What a great job his parents did on raising him! Damn shame

  • Dmc

    That is so true

  • hi

    I accepted the fact blk men do not like wblk women…… So I date other races….why should I be lonely

    • That's a lie..stop stereotyping…because I will NEVER date a white woman..EVER

    • james

      yeah right what other race whould want to date a black woman. imaybe if they trying to get a US green card i work with both blacks and white educated and professionals we all happy cause we all go home to our white wifes

  • Lashanaie

    This is so true

  • Ronny

    Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Its the good ol devide and conquer technique. It used to be light vs dark…now its black men vs black women.

    • Grace

      Thats i so true! I Havent even thought of it that way but you are spittin trouth for real! Spread it and dont let them devide us!

  • Jayla

    No one even like’s this man, a white woman only wants him for that redskin money. How dare he, he must really have mommy issues. Cause he is all black. Not mixed or anything ,i wounder what his mother feels about what he had to say

  • who cares, you dont like blackwomen…your career is over!!! an only a white women will deal wit you fat ugly ass…we dont want you thats why…lmao

  • for the people

    It is funny how more white men are marring asian women than black men are marring white women but there is no media frenzie to figure out what is wrong with white women…why their men are running away from their own and are obsessed with asian women…

    I would like to see that report/study…

  • melanie

    SOME Black men, not all, but SOME. It's important to make that distinction, and not let some pampered athlete or other celebrity define the Black men we see in our daily lives. Because I know that's my father, brother, or future husband.

  • Self-hatred for his great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, and nieces. He’s a loser….black men kill me, white is not right. Fool you’ll never be excepted by the white community…if your sorry ass didn’t play ball you would be a non entity to them.

  • rocky


  • E.C. from D.C.

    Oh wooowww lol what a prick!

  • dorothy


  • Marquis de Sade

    Ahhh, a kindred spirit! 😆

  • clarissa

    Ok he is a idiot he doesn’t like his mother and and we know he really doesn’t like white females he is abusing them. The stories white females tell me are horrible about what their black boyfriends treat them. Dude your going endup like OJ! Any therapist will tell you he is a dangerous to all females! He needs therapy bad!

    • exf20

      That is stereo typing black men, by saying he is abusing white women, because he is black. Smh. I've dated white women in the past, & I've never abused them at all. Now, I've met verbally abusive white women that I had to leave alone, not wanting to be involved with them anymore. So, that whole black man abuse white women theory is a bunch of bs, when you have Scott Peterson, & all kind of white men behind bars for abusing & killing their women for crazy reasons.

    • deloris

      right on sister, he doesnt like his mother unless he jump out of someone elses behind they only hating themselves and also it take a real man to love a sister, some of these sorry men better off with white woman

  • Keep it Real

    The difference is that Black men are not the only men who have a problem with black women. You know the old saying everyone can't be wrong. Black women encourage obnoxious, petty, mean spritied, agressive and manly behavior amongst their black girl friends and female family member by thinking that type of behavior is funny and cute or the behavior of a strong independent black women. It's not and it's a major turn off to men of all races. Men don't want to be around women like that.

    • exf20

      I agree with you to a certain degree, but It's not all black women that act like that. It's the ones that wasn't brought up properly & taught how to treat & respect people that act that way. Unfortunately, it's the women that are the ones that are labeled "Ghetto", by popular opinion thru media, & the public, that act that way. So please be careful on how you label a race of women, by not putting them all in one basket.

    • Chaka1

      I'm lucky in the sense that my grandmother taught us that men don't like manish and loud women. However, this guys is an azz for saying something like this about his own people.

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      I reject this statement and opinion.

      As a black woman who is NO wilting violet by any means, a black woman who decends from a family of majority females in my generation, A woman who has her own mind and knows what she wants out of life.

      Of all 11 of us sisters NOT one of us is single, has a spouse that is not a BLACK Man (our god given natural mate) and has a relationship of fewer than 10 years! There is 1 Brother, that is VERY MUCH loved and respected by his sisters and he returns these sentiments and expressions to his sisters and has a Black Wife of 32 years.

      So I REJECT COMPLETELY the statement that Men the world over and Black men in particular have a problem with black women… there is a very small minority of woman that are obnoxious, petty and mean spirited, agressive ect.. and even these women still have children, which means, some man some where had the ability to penetrate that exterior, and expose and love something a bit deeper in even those black woman!

      Black Love is very much alive and Black woman (The ORIGINAL WOMAN) is very much loved!

  • Nigerian Sista

    Wow, tell me why I'm not surprised, classic behavior of a dishonorable male when called out about his bad behavior. If there were witnesses (that he can't pay off) all of this nonsense he's saying now isn't even needed. If you were bold (sick) enough to touch her you should be bold enough to admit touching her. And what does her being a black WOMAN (I doubt she's a girl) have to with it. And by the way has he looked in the mirror, cause from what I can see, he's black as well. It's sad because if you don't think the woman in your own race deserve to be treated with dignity, then who does? Oh , my bad, a white woman, that's who he DATES smh

    • Nigerian Sista

      Praise God! It's so nice to hear a black MAN talk like this. I can't remember the last time I heard a black MAN talk like this in PERSON. It's difficult because I am a Nigerian woman but I have lived in this country since age 4, I am 26 now. I had to really talk to God about the anger that I felt towards many black males that I didn't even know on a personal level. I was spoken down to and dishonored (for being curvy) by strangers and even males that I worked with for years. It made me very resentful, but I'm working on that. I do believe that their are more STANDUP black MEN like yourselves out here in society…

    • Mazio

      I have no problem with a person who dates outside their race. To some the cultural aspect of a relationship is important but for others its not. We want someone who loves God, love themselves and can love us. If they have all 3 then I'm cool.

      As long as I have a strong woman who loves and respect me that's good. It's not an indictment on any race whether she is black, white, mexican, dominican or whatever. Love is love.

  • bendme over

    wow. YOU got caught my dude, now own up to it. and btw I don’t like black guys so irdc about th opinions of black men bc they don’t pertain to me. I’ll take a white guy or rican guy anyday

    • exf20

      Mental slavery at it's worst! You & Strangeworth are making Willie Lynch proud! Modern day Coons are still around! Smh

    • Angel

      You are no different from him you hate you father as much as he hates his mother, how sad and deluded you both are. I pity the both of you. Whatever you do, do not have any children you will only raise them to hate their own as much as you and god know where that will lead. Heaven help us is all I can say!!!!

    • Tripleblackbeauty

      Bendme over you are just as sick and pathetic as Haynesworth and the advertisement above ^^^ for Afrolove.

    • deloris

      u arrogorant 2 thats what rican guys are african read up on your history and i mean your history not european history

    • Big Al


  • BKAllday

    Besides, I personally do not feel that it's the Black man's responsibility to be the "protector" of every Black woman in this country, on this planet, whatever….

    Just like you seem to be suggesting that Black men are the ONLY men that don't protect "their women" (whether they know and care for these women or not) from media and personal attacks, I'm saying that Black men seem to be the ONLY men that are expected to be this protective and supportive of women that they don't even know or care for..

    I'm supportive and protective of MY Black wife, MY Black mother, and other Black females that I KNOW AND CARE FOR..

    These women in my life know this, and show their appreciation to me all the time.

    So to me, this is all that matters..

    • A lynn

      Men of other races are protective of their women. Native American men, Asian men, White men, and Latin are very protective of all of their. Say something wrong about a woman of their race in front of those men and the conversation will turn interesting.

      Our culture was founded on the support of the community. Wake up man. That's why worldwide our women are abused, because the men in general won't support us and say, don't treat our women like that.

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      Protecting and providing for the woman and children of their community (the Black Community ) is a NATURAL instict for a Man.

      Liking and Knowing has nothing to do with this instict… A MAN thinks of his love for the woman in his family, church, neighborhood ect… and the instict should be their for a MAN.

    • Dina

      That is exactly what BW want you to say not just on the blogs but in main stream media. saying MY black wife. thanks for countering the fact that BM don't marry BW anymore:) main stream media need to know that the purposeful derogatory image they are creating for BW will not be tolerated anymore

      • mazio

        Broad statements…plenty of black men are in deed marrying black women. I don't see any race that defends it women more than another. People are free to date whomever…we all have preferences: tall, short, rich, wavy hair bold head, weave or natural. The good thing is we all have a choice. Just make it wisely.

  • BKAllday

    Who cares?

    If the guy doesn't mess with Black women, then he doesn't.. end of story..

    In reality, we don't know what he would've said had it been a white woman that accused him instead.

    Besides, what a guy like Albert Haynesworth says shouldn't bother any woman that's got more productive things to think about..

    Don't take something that one person said, and then make the blanketed statement that Black men attack "their" women like no other race of man..

    • pimpinperry2

      I concur. That's like the black women you see on the Tyra Banks shows who don't like themselves or black men. Just because one or two individual says it then it's taken out of context and applied to all black men.