Understanding The Frenzy Over Vick and White Folks’ Love of Dogs

January 3, 2011  |  

So Tucker Carlson, Fox News commentator and professional agitator, recently ignited a small controversy over his comments that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick should have been executed three years ago when convicted on dog-fighting and animal cruelty charges.

As a Philadelphian, and needless to say Eagles fan, no one is happier than I (and the millions other Eagles fans around the country) to have a player like Vick leading the helm.  But even through his redemptive professional comeback, Vick still can’t escape the calls from animal rights activist and dog owners alike that he should have been stripped of his freedom and barred from the game forever.

This constant barrage of hate towards the quarterback is alarming for some, particularly in the African American community, who find it odd that dogs in America have been elevated to a higher standard than many humans.  All this resentment has led some in the black community to raise the pentacle question: Why do White people love dogs much more than they do Black people?

Even the humorous site, Stuff that White People Like, has lightly mocked the peculiar relationship between white people and their dogs, which involves feeding them organic and homemade foods, talking to their dogs; giving them human traits and characteristics, dressing them in cutesy designer outfits and even kissing them on the lips – ewww.

This strange kinship that white folks have with their dogs, some believe, is only contrasted with black folks relative obliviousness to the furry four legged creatures. For some, it’s straight up dislike. Some say its goes all the way back to slavery and the Jim Crow South when dogs were used as weapons to keep us Negros in check.  Many black folks seem to not be able to erase those images from their mind of young black men being mauled by a racist dog, egged on by a truck full of angry rednecks.

But all jokes aside, this is not necessarily a black and white issue for me and I think to frame the issue this way does a disservice to our humanity as black people. I know some whites who hate dogs and other domesticated animals as much as anyone else. And yet I have black friends, who not only love their dogs but have birthday parties and even dress them up in little stupid outfits (seriously, stop that).  Folks, who love, hate and abuse animals knows no colors or bounds.

As an owner of a 110-pound American Bulldog named Coltrane, it can be safely said that I belong to the group of black folks who too love dogs (and cats too) – although I am not at the point of dressing him up in little fu-fu outfits. However, growing up, I always had a healthy relationship with animals and was taught that God didn’t reserve the ideal of respect for life to just us humans.

Likewise, I didn’t have a problem with Vick’s conviction and subsequent punishment for the crime of dog fighting. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  And to breed dogs for the purpose of fighting and then electrocuting and drowning the losers because they didn’t fight ferociously enough, is not civilized or reflective of humanity.

However, Gandhi also said that, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  Vick has served his time and did repent through volunteer work with the Humane Society of America, where he regularly goes to speak to kids.  And if the president of the Humane Society feels that one day, Vick could be a loving owner to a dog – one day, than what does any of this have to do with football?

Yes, there are black folks, who love our dogs just as much as any human on the planet. And no, we can’t easily chalk up Vick’s past indiscretions to the notion that “they were just dogs.” However, we do believe that the narration being played out in the media needs to change from Vick, the dog fighter, to Vick, the man who has and continues to pay his debt to society and is now on the amending path.

The reality is that this phony outrage over Vick’s past treatment of dogs has little to do with the crime that he had been convicted of but more likely a reflection of the deep-seeded racial prejudice of black men with money. The same, so-called dog-loving activist Tucker Calson seemingly has no problem with Sarah Palin and her helicopter moose shooting expeditions.

Charing Ball is the author of the blog People, Places & Things.

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  • Mike Gibson

    As a white, animal loving dog owner, I actually like most of what you have to say here. And I agree, forgiveness and redemption should always be possible. I was suspect of Vick at first, because I believe a person who is capable of those kinds of things does not change easily. Now I’m beginning to think his change is real. If that’s true, then I have no problem with michael vick today. (Not that he was waiting for my personal approval, but just saying’…)
    I would add two things: dressing up your dog in goofy stuff doesn’t necessarily mean you love him more. That’s more about the owner’s view of him or herself than their view of the pet. And I would also add that the perception that animals are truly held in higher regard than humans (by whites, blacks or by any other color) across society as a whole is very false. Because for every pampered pet we see on a TV show or wherever, there are hundreds more being abused, neglected, or waiting to die in a shelter. And never even mind the animals who die in factory farms. We tend to focus on a few media images of “pampered pets,” or maybe a few people saying things about how much they love their pets on Facebook, or something we read about that PETA is doing. But those examples are the outliers, and in no way representative of how animals are treated as a whole in our society, day to day.
    Also, much as I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Sarah Palin, I think she eats the mooses (meese?) she kills. And if you’re going to eat meat, hunting is the most humane way to do it.

  • bobbyalpy

    It was the indo-europeans,our ancestors,who first joined with the wolf in hunting.The wolf could run down large game over long distances and the men would take over at the kill point,the most dangerous point in the hunt for the wolves.In time this symbiotic relationship led to the breeding of all modern dogs.These animals are deeply connected to our culture since before recorded history.Naturally we love them.

  • Mel. B.

    Wait, so dog fighting is illegal but moose/deer/bear/crocodile hunting
    and pigeon shooting is legal in America? I sometimes laugh at white
    people and the laws they create.

    Those in the meat industry ALONE should be criminalized for the treatment of the animals that you and I eat.

    Michael Vick scandal was an overreaction. White people only have bleeding hearts for dogs and maybe cats.

  • JWHacket

    Your paranoia is showing.

  • DinduNuffins

    More black victimization, huh? Oh you poor poor people…

    You want answers to why whites love dogs more than blacks, ok. Dogs are more loyal than negros, and often more intelligent as they can follow basic instructions. They don’t often bite the hand that feeds them, as blacks do, and dogs tend to stay sober throughout the day.

  • alohaloaha

    I agree with you. good article. animal abuse is shameful, but what is more shameful is when there are people starving, homeless and destitute on the streets, but other people spend thousands of dollars on a dog, feeding it expensive food and paying for expensive surgeries for it, when there’s literally children with cancer in this country whose families can’t afford the treatment… very sad how some people worship a dog and place the dog as a higher importance than their fellow human beings

  • Jack

    Comparing hunting moose out of an airplane to literally torturing and enjoying the slow pain of an animal is a little whacked. I’m not attacking you racially, that is just a poor comparison and bad argument.

  • Jack

    You just called dogs “racist”. You can’t blame dogs that were TRAINED to attack slaves hundreds of years ago for doing what they had to do. Black people fought against each other all the time because they had to do what they had to do to survive. Whites would do the same in that situation. Almost anyone, regardless of color or species or ANYTHING will try to defend their own life at any cost.
    The reason why it’s so wrong what Vick was doing is because dogs are defenseless. it isn’t the same as doing the same to humans who can fully understand the concepts. It’s not ok to treat ANY living being like that. Just pretend he did that to your kid, would that be ok to sick children against each other then slowly torture the losing child? No? I guess you would rather see some dude play football well though… Just imagine if you were the dog. You will have a dream one day of being that dog and then you will no longer feel the same way living life through it’s eyes. The thing is, reincarnation is very real in a way that you do not understand. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed and every single thing you see is a part of who you are or will be including white people, black people, dogs, the sky, whatever.. The worse you treat it the worse you will be because it will come back to you. Have fun with your dreams of being having your brains bashed out slowly by Michael Vick after you lost a dog fight while people laugh and throw money. Just because you were ever wronged or your ego is hurt for racial reasons gives you NO right to inflict the same harm on animals.. Take up your issues with people, WITH PEOPLE! not animals

  • Staffiez

    Personally i don’t care if he’s black white, red or lime green!!! What he did was disgusting and now he’s being some kind of child’s role model, with all the fake do goodings and the “i found God” rubbish.
    The truth is because of his stand in the game he has become an idol and now in some places children as young as 8 years old have been charged for animal abuse!

    Great role model NOT!!

  • Natalie Markova

    What does electrocuting dogs for fun have to do with race? I suggest reading the book about what Vick’s dogs went through to understand why dog fighting disgusts us. He didn’t just fight dogs he killed and tortured them with his own hands. It’s beyond a mistake or a cultural tradition. White people are just as guilty of animal abuse and we make a fuss about them too. I’m glad he’s stopped but there are plenty of great players with much better character who deserve his spot in the NFL. Oh and I have a much bigger problem with Sarah Palin but that’s not the topic here.

    • Misty

      No need to get defensive here. No one is saying that everyone who is upset about Michael Vick and what he did is doing so out of racial prejudice, but it would be wrong to say that the level of which people are making a fuss about it through media exposure and other stuff are the same people who would act the same if a white celebrity did so. Keep in mind if there is more condemnation for Chris Brown as a wife beater than Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn for example, there is an issue in our culture. It’s not to say that what Michael Vick did was right. Of course it was wrong, but when I hear people crying about the “poor dogs” and yet are the same people who won’t allow a pit bull to play with they dog in the park, there is a problem.

      • kell490

        Who cares about a wife beater the wife is stupid for allowing that she has the ability to call the police. Why would anyone black or white think it’s okay to treat dogs this way with such cruelty not sure if you have read the details on how Vick tortured dogs with electric wires. Someone should torture him like that see how he likes it. Just because he plays football and he is black gives him a pass on this.

  • White Guy Who Can Jump

    The writer’s conclusion is that there’s a “deep-seeded racial prejudice of black men with money”. Not sure what exactly that prejudice is, but I’m pretty certain that a black man with money (or anyone for that matter) pays more taxes, is less likely to be involved in crime, etc.
    Also, I never quite understood those t-shirts I would sometimes see young black men wear “Danger- Educated Black Man” Wouldn’t an Uneducated man (person) more likely be a ‘Danger’ to our society than someone who is Educated?

    Just a few thoughts

  • Rorschach

    Enough with the victimization. “Deep-seeded racial prejudice of black men with money” — oh of course, that has to be it. Who cares if he’s black and has money? He’s human scum who abused animals. Blacks/whites/Latinos/Asians in Philadelphia who do the same thing are also human scum. Black folks: please stop making excuses and/or defending the crimes committed by your community simply because you don’t like white people to criticizing you.

  • Maxx1676

    You really are a total a** hole ..To like that scum bag Vick just because he plays football and not think about the pain these poor dogs went through makes me sick. You are REALLY a scumbag a**-hole.

  • Trace

    To compare this torture of a caged animal to hunting is absurd! Hunters (i.e. Sarah Palin)–do not electrocute, beat, drown animals and the animals are running free—not caged up where there is no hope for escape.

    That comparison is ignorant.
    This is not about race. Stop making everything about race.
    This is about a man–regardless of his race–who acted in an uncivilized manner and commited a crime.
    In our society, our civilization, that should not be excused.

  • Meaghan Edwards

    I'd hate Michael Vick regardless of his skin colour. I suggest the writer and any Vick supporters read Lost Dogs and see if they can defend him afterwards.

  • marie

    What people do not understand is he never served time for what he did to the dogs. He did time for promoting gambling across state lines.

  • Debbie

    white people love animals more than black people who torture, abuse and kill animals and laugh at them while they are dieing! He is not human not matter what color he is! I was an Eagles fan, now I hate the Eagles and the NFL!

  • AL

    Animal cruelty is not a "mistake" it is a mental illness showing an overall lack of compassion towards life. Every known serial killer started out torturing animals. I don't know if compassion can be learned, so far, I haven't seen anything from Vick that isn't just a publicity stunt.

    I cannot forgive torture. Why would anyone forgive torture?

    And so everyone was clear, he did NOT go to jail for animal cruelty, he went to jail for charges of conspiracy only.

  • Mike Bonheim

    Anyway, Tucker Carlson only said those things because it gave them a forum to disagree with Obama.

  • Mike Bonheim

    I think that the only racist in this conversation is the author of this article.

  • Sven

    Vick=$hit…..Vick supporters=$hit.

  • Larry Cage


  • Jackie

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why is it black people bring up race and white people never do? When they are out of answers and have no defense left….use the race card! How about dogs have souls and feelings and are loving living beautiful creatures and if you are capable of hurting on then you are a soulless piece of shi* who deserves to be strung up by your appendages and left there to die a slow and horrible death!!!!!

  • kendra

    matters what color a person in the publics eye is it is there place to act as positively as possible. vick was recently asked in an interview would you change anything in his life. no said no. the interviewer was so amazed nby his answer he asked him again and then agin but rephrased his question. vick laughed and said he would change the length of his sentencr but thats it. those are not words of any kind of remorse what so ever.i think the nfl should make it not so cool to be a felon. make it a rule if you mess up you mess up all the way around. make them ineligable for full pay. let them do there job fine. vick is a good player. but he should only be able to get half of what other upstanding players get paid.bottom line the things that he did to those dogs was the same acts a serial killer would do to dogs. mentally he is off.

  • deborah

    The only racism I have detected is from those insisting on playing the race card.

  • nrgins

    "Pentacle question"? Seriously, at least TRY to sound intelligent, OK? A pentacle is a five-pointed star.

    Did you mean "pinnacle"? I think you must have. But even that isn't correct. You can't use "pinnacle" as an adjective.

    How about just using "ultimate"? That works just fine.

    As for the contents of the article, I hate it when people judge people by race and then claim others are racist (another word you might want to look up…).

    Not that you did that. You just said "White people love dogs much more than they do Black people." That's not racist. That's just stating a fact, right?

    The "pentacle question" here seems to be: why do people think they can overcome racial problems by being racist (not that you did that, of course!).

  • jess

    Perpetuating racism… Id like to see what some of these comments would bead the title been flipped around. Why do we fu@&ING bother. Race has nothing.g to do with it????? Read the title fools.

  • Im Native American, and I hate the man. So what now? Honestly I hope they make a fire hydrant at a Pitbull Rescue of his Tombstone! Real Talk.

  • Laura

    Seriously, you think the outrage over Vick's past treatment of dogs is "phony" and is based in racial prejudice. Ask any dog lover, rescue worker, animal rights activist, etc. if there wouldn't be equal disgust and outrage if Tom Brady had eloctrocuted and drowned and slammed dogs to their death. And by the way, if you're going to write an article about something, do your research first . . . Vick didn't serve one day in prison for animal cruelty. He was convicted and served a sentence for bankrolling a dog fighting operation. So in fact, he has not done time for his crimes. And I don't know how much psychology you know, but Vick most likely isn't a reformed animal abuser. He's most likely a sociopath putting on a very good facade of remorsefulness. You can't spend years torturing and killing dogs with your own bare hands, and even using your own personal pets as bait, and then in 18 months be a changed man. There is something deeply, terribly, horrifically wrong with your psyche and that doesn't get fixed in 18 months, if ever.

  • retiti

    im glad youre ok with the punishment he got for animal abuse. which, by the way, was none. THAT's what people are still mad over. he could be purple for all i care, hes still scum, the laws are scum, and whoever let him plead out and serve no time for animal abuse is scum.

  • texasJen

    Carmen, you are SO right! Thank you for saying that! Black people can be just as racist.

  • TexasJen

    Are you KIDDING me? This article disgusts me and infuriates me more than I can handle right now.

    I can tell you that us animal advocates do not like this man because of his actions, NOT his race. Plain and simple. His gruesome actions make his an ugly and unforgiveable human being. He can rot in hell for all I care.

    God told us specifically to take care of the animals he gave us. I will go to my grave hating those that exploit and kill animals inhumanely and for pure sport- Vick and Palin included.

    As a minority myself, Im soooo damn tired of people playing the race card. Seriously, get over it people. It was in the past. There is nothing we can do about it but keep learning. Yes, there still is racism but I think it is articles like these that push us back instead of propel us forward. When people keep using race as an excuse, we’ll continue to get nowhere.

    I stay away from people that don’t like dogs or children- period.

  • L Carpenter

    Problem is Vick was not punished for his crime…he went to jail for illegal gambling, not dog fighting or animal abuse, second if his latest interview with GQ is anything to go by, he is anything BUT remorseful. Lastly doesn't anyone have ANY concerns over the depravity that it takes to torture a dog? Lets face it folks, stealing is wrong..what he did goes well beyond sick and disgusting

  • LIeslgee

    It is insulting to suggest that I don't care for Mr. Vick because he is a black man who has money. Really? My issue with Mr. Vick has to do with battery cables clipped to dogs' ears and then throwing them into a swimming pool. That isn't dog fighting. That is the torture of an animal and it has not been addressed by anyone — not by Mr. Vick. Not by the charges against him. Not by the Court.

    I'm still waiting for a reasonable answer about that. That it's just something in the "black culture" is not an acceptable answer. He is carefully not addressing that issue. And it really doesn't have anything to do with his color. Really.

  • Dawn Marie

    Black or white, whatever. This isn't about color, this is about how someone mutilated other sentient beings with no remorse. If Vick had killed say, a bunch of women or children the same way – drowning, electrocuting, strangling, he would a) not be out of prison and b) certainly not held on a pedastal. He would have lost his rights and respect, plain and simple. Do you have respect for serial killers? Seeing dogs, cats, {name your domesticated animal}, as "owned" objects rather than treating them as beings that we are their guardians is doing a disservice not only to the animals, but to our moral fiber.

  • Coinneach

    I'm not even especially fond of dogs (sorry, everyone, I'm a Cat Guy to the bone) but thinking about what that evil SOB did makes me physically ill. It's nothing to do with race or species, it's about Not Being An Evil SOB. So he can play a game (it's a GAME, people, get you some perspective!) and make everyone feel sorry for him: y'all are being played like violins.

    Also, are you apologists really not aware that he was NEVER charged, tried, or convicted of the cruelty charges? He did 18 months for racketeering. His murdering of helpless animals never came into it.

  • Hannah Konnoff

    Wow. I would say I'm offended by this blog, but that would be like saying Michael Vick was inconvenienced by his conviction–oh wait…. He was inconvenienced, and not much more (and certainly not remorseful, he's made that patently obvious).. Guess what. He got off extremely lightly for a horrific crime because he's a rich sports figure. And I abhor that because I do love dogs as much as I love people. But when people have the unmitigated gall to say that my righteous indignation over the gross miscarriage of justice that allows a monster like Michael Vick back in to the good graces of decent society is racism, it really pisses me off. When you insist that the only reason someone else disagrees with you is because of racism, you are only saying something about yourself. I don't forgive those who torture helpless beings for their own greed or pleasure, whether those beings are animal or human. I don't care about race, religion, age, or ethnicity. Zero tolerance is my creed.

  • D. Auletto

    such a cop out. once again, some moron with a opinion devalues and trivializes actual real racism by playing the race card in defense of someone who would otherwise be indefensible. vick isn't a lowlife because he's black. vick is a lowlife because he's a lowlife. in trying to use race as a defense, you set race relations back, so good for you. be proud of yourself. in the end, though, vick is still a lowlife.

  • Mitchel

    It's NOT a racial issue you bunch of dolts, Vick is a sociopath.

    He never served any time for animal abuse which IS a crime. If it wasn't for his throwing arm he'd be rotting in jail for life like any of us normal people, YOU included!!!!

  • AprilJ

    FYI EVERYONE: Michael Vick was not convicted according the Virginia Animal Cruelty laws. Instead he was indicted in Federal Court and pled guilty to one (1), I repeat, one count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture”. An offense that carries a two to five year sentence. I am going to say this again because it’s important: ‘Vick was sentenced to 23 months and served 18 months’. Again, not quite two years and certainly short of the five year maximum sentence.(from the blog of Chris Durant)


  • Karen

    I don't elevate a dog's status over that of a black person, but I certainly would if it was a black person ( or any other color person) that thinks it's okay to torture a living being and finds pleasure in doing so. Trash is as trash does. Hope there is a nice spot in Hell waiting for him.

  • JIrishMac

    So it's okay to abuse and torture dogs; you still get to play in the NFL. Just don't get caught gambling because you will be banned from baseball. I''m sure Pete Rose thinks that's fair!!!

  • Larry

    As a white male, I find it odd that so many white people are posting their opinions posing to be black men or black women. As far as the issue at hand, I use head and shoulders shampoo.

  • G Coleman

    your extremely confused, the vick issue aside. your as brainwashed as they come. did you reread what you just put to print. that was as ignorant a response ive seen on here. alot of self-hate embedded in that mindless drivel. hope you deal with that, have a nice day.

  • G Coleman

    people are so ignorant, black people wont let racism go away bcause its still relevant, and people that say crap like that are ignorant and moronic. Dr, King was assasinated 43 years ago, that aint ancient history. this country was still segregated as hell, wtf are yall talking about? medgar evars, emmit til, hell, james byrd in jasper texas was dragged by a car til his head popped off 10 year ago, a man was stabbing random black people 6 or 7 months ago,but race isnt still an issue? and its deeper then just the actions of lone crazy people, its deeply entrenched in laws, government, and the school systems. shut up, if you feel that way, your useless.

  • gordon

    I predict that Vick will prove again that he is an incorrigible low-life scumbag within the next twelve months. Charlie Sheen can't stop being Charlie Sheen. Michael Vick can't stop being Michael Vick.

  • rhonda

    It is not putting a animal before humans. It is about not being a animal killer, that gets his rocks off by torturing living breathing things. Do you know what a person like Vic, that started with torturing and killing of animals with such glee but never got caught is called…..they are called a serial killers. We are not talking about any other sick individual here we are talking about only one, Michael Vick. Let us deal with one sick person at a time, there are just to many……

  • rhonda

    I hope this paperdid not pay for this article, what a looser, where do they find these people. All those that commented that he paid his debt, probably do not even know the extent of torture and murder he did. This is not just dog fighting this was also torturing and killing animals…..FOR YEARS….in addition to the dog fighting. There is something mentally wrong with someone who does the things he has done. I applaude all those out there that have a soft spot for ANY living creature…..I wish there were more of you out there. I do not care what color his skin is or how rich he is…..this was a horrific thing for anyone to do and if you think otherwise I feel sad for you. His only remorse is that he got caught, maybe this person who tried writting this article could let him borrow their dog. His dogs have been rehabilitated, except for the ones that died or then there is the one that the face is almost completely ripped off, yeah that dog survived…..ignorance is bliss…..

  • Melissa

    Any time a white group disagrees with a black group about anything it becomes a racist issue. Stop using the racist card everytime anything happens involving a black person. The point you all seem to be missing is that Michael Vick is a public figure. An NFL star. And most importantly, a hero to so many. Adults and children alike. He should have taken that into consideration when he made the decisions he made about abusing and killing dogs for entertainment and money. You will never make me believe that he didn't realize what he was doing was wrong.
    And, that NFL star status is what kept Vick from serving only 18 months , when the average Joe, of any race, religion, or creed, would have not only been charge with ALL the crimes he was guilty of, but would have also spent alot more time in jail.
    Furthermore, if these same crimes had been committed by a WHITE NFL star, or other public figure, our disgust and hate would be the same. We are judging Vick by the crimes he committed, not the color of his skin.

  • Angie

    This is factual evidence and information pertaining to vick's case, something you will all find very interesting. There is in fact, besides the authors personal feelings on the matter, not one piece of fictional evidence. This is all true and factual and can be researched and found online or with a little common sense and know how. THIS is what really happened. All statements in this article can be verified and confirmed through the State of Virginia's case files.

  • Henry L. Bell

    Since White America believe they have absolute freedom of speech in which I don't believe the constitution grants us that right. I believe my right to speak my opinions depends on how it affects my neighbor. If it demeans, persecute and wrongfully misuse my neighbor, I no longer have the right to say what I think but today I am going to use the white man,s method. I think Tucker Calson, the rest of the animal lovers that love animals more than people of color should be hanged by the neck til death occur because they are guilty of destroying and causing unrest to the real owners and builders of a Country that they took in unlawful wars. How do you like the way a preacher can see the flip side of the coin that Tucker Calson flipped. Just remember, you say I have freedom of speech along with your DUMB LYING IDEA CALLED THE RIGHT for all citizens to BEAR ARMS. Any citizen that thinks just below an idiot, no a country that leads the world in gun crimes and murder, don't need guns. Police people are no more than people that have a License to kill so they have no need for guns.

    • chrisdurant2000

      Henry I have NO IDEA what you just said.

      So in an effort to help you better formulate your opinions, read this.

      It will provide you with the ammunition you need to launch an effective campaign against Vick's farce of a trial and his guilty plea.

      Happy reading.

      Chris Durant

  • catherine pipe

    You're a bigot, and you know nothing about WHITE animal lovers. Your headline is an offense and you take racial equality back 200 years. No, animal lovers do not like Sarah Palin. You keep playing the race card. Grow up and write like a professional.Your editor should not have allowed you to post this garbage. You're just a racist writing about something you know nothing about.There is no redemption for ANYONE who abuses animals. They're God's creatures. You know God, right?

  • bufsol

    If it's so upsetting to America to play the race card……take it out of the deck……..make since?

  • Ned Adams

    Having lived as long as I have, I have come to the conclusion that the one who paints everything with a "racist brush" is, in themselves, a racist. I have to that belief after decades of hearing the Sharptons, Jacksons and now you Ball, trying to excuse bad behavior behind the veil of "racism"

    I'm white but I abhor the treatment of blacks in the 19th century and would violently oppose such treatment of any race today. Past treatments are not excuse for present actions. To excuse Vicks behavior, or to at least ask for understanding, is akin to excusing Jeffrey Dahmer because of his poor childhood or whatever. Both took lives; human and animal and in my opinion can never be forgiven because their victims will never get a second chance. The treatment of blacks by whites in the 19th century was despicable. Are you saying, because of that, actions such as Vick, Stalworth, Plaxico Buress, and the like should be excused or understood? Why because they are black? Palin eats the meat they kill. Did Vick and his cronies eat the dogs they killed? "Prejudice against black men with money"?, "deep seeded racial prejudice"? 'cmon, if one wanst a lesson in racism, all one has to do is read your garbage

  • kesha

    I left out the *y* in sleepy twice, didn't I, lol? Oh well, got school in a few hours, good day to all and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kesha

    For those of you who say, "I can't forgive", don't be so arrogant that you FORGET that God and ONLY God has that authority. You're all supposed to be adults and we young people are supposed to learn from you? Wow, not a good example on how to move on. If you say you're Christians and believe in God, then you'd know how to OBEY God. I don't mean any disrespect to athiests, agnostics, etc., and I don't remember anyone on here displaying their beliefs. But, I assume that many or most of you are good, hardworking, God-fearing people. I just get so tired of people being so engrossed in this abyss of arrogance and want to throw stones when they have committed sins and transgressions themselves. What he did, he is still paying for it. I considered him a monster and I don't think he's ready to own pets, probably will never be. But, simply condemning and not forgiving is actually hurting your souls, more than you'll ever know. To the author, this article was poorly written because most Whites could care less about race. I've had a chance to discuss this issue with many and race is definitely not the case with MOST lol. Once again, forgive him for God, and let God forgive you for your wrongdoing. I hope many of you will find the time to search your souls and dwell on YOUR judgement. When you don't forgive, they get the power. I'm very sleep now, so at this point, I dont care about the grammar cops on this board, it's 430 am(CST) and I'm typing this through sleep eyes, good day.

  • Mel McWay

    Seriously? You want to make it about race? It seems, once again, that the most racist people I know are black….yes, I mean you.

  • yes i would put a animal/pet above humans. and yes i spend more time with animals than humans and yes i even eat and sleep with my animals. you think just because you have poseable thumbs and can weild a gun or long sword that your above pets??? i think not…in this case an animal is far more above you! rott in he**


    This is not a white or black thing…whoever wrote this article is so lame…..this is a dog killer, dog torturer, dog abuser, dog fighter, lying, evil, twisted, I got caught thing.

  • Mira Iordanescu

    "This constant barrage of hate towards the quarterback is alarming for some, particularly in the African American community, who find it odd that dogs in America have been elevated to a higher standard than many humans."

    Someone who abuses animals, torture, use them to make money, kills them…as a person is far BELLOW ANY ANIMAL….because animals do not abuse us, do not torture us, do not make money from us fighting with one another, do not kill us….Give me a break people…stop playing the RACE CART….it has nothing to do with MV being black….it has to do with what MV DID…SIMPLE….

  • carol

    His horrific actions have nothing to do with race. Anyone who could torture animals like he did has an evil mind and evil minds don't change to being caring minds. He will be vicious for the rest of his life. This article is just the usual african american paranoia believing white people are racist. Tired of it!!

  • stella

    No one can deny that racism exists or that it doesn't extend to individuals of all races. However when racism is consistantly cited as the first and foremost cause for all responses from others, there is clearly something amiss. Surely some who dislike Vick do so in part because of racism. But many more do not; most base their opinions on his reprehensible actions only. At any rate, articles such as this one do nothing to advance the discourse necessary to even confront racism, much less work toward eradicating it. The real issue here for the vast majority of Vick critics is animal abuse, the pathology that drives it, and how that pathology translates into behavior in other spheres. If you want to write an opinion about this issue in the context of racism, at least make your argument hold water.

  • Lisa

    Yes, he should should serve till the day he dies as should the others. Also yes, I would put an animal before him and definitely above you.

  • Lisa

    This is NOT a black and white issue, it is an issue about getting away with MURDER. ANYONE who is involved with dog fighting, torture and MURDER should be tried and convicted to the fullest extent of the law, stripped of their freedom and never see the light of day again. Somethings are just not forgivable. Anyone who trains their dogs to be viscous should receive the same, I could care less what race or color you are. Maybe the reason some people hold their animals in a higher regard than humans is because animals are a hell of a lot more loyal than most humans, they give unconditional love and only ask for the same in return I am an animal loving white woman. For the record Ted Nugent, who may live in Texas now but is from Detroit hence the name Motor City Madman, does hunt yes, but he also give some of the meat to the poor. I live in the south, but do not hunt or kill animals in any way for any reason.

  • vetmed_doc

    Robert, of course it isn't a black and white issue, but they always turn it into one. With that being said, they deserve a taste of their own medicine and ponder how it makes them feel being on the receiving end for once.

    Speaking as a DVM, I'm going to start a blog titled "Understanding the Hatred Blacks have for Dogs (except dogs like pitbulls with strong jaws that they knowingly use for illegal and illicit purposes) and TRYING to Understand Why Blacks Blame Present Day Whites for Slavery and Why They Verbally and Physically Abuse their Children in Public and Why They Refuse to Work and Instead Milk the Welfare System (and expect us "white folk" to support their scam). Little wonder why so many young blacks have lousy attitudes and blame whites for slavery and turn to a life of crime. Everyone, whether they're white, black, purple or red are the harbingers of their own destiny. It's oddly ironic how they continue to demand respect but conduct themselves in a manner that hardly commands it.

    It always comes down to the ridiculous, ludicrous and moronic race card. It's used ad nauseam and as a vehicle to manipulate the white populace. Get over it, get over the slavery bit and cultivate self-respect so that you're treated with the deference and respect of which you're so desperate.

    Vick is nothing more than worthless scum and the only contribution he makes to society is playing football, which means NOTHING. He may as well be a livery driver for all the importance and relevance his career has. His name will always be associated with DOGFIGHTING FIRST and football SECOND. In NO way is that deserving of respect or redemption. Moreover, the only reason he's speaking out against dogfighting is because of the PR factor, NOT because he has any remorse. He is what he is and a leopard never changes his spots. I see some of the comments where your readers call us "white folk" and mock our love of dogs. I suppose we can draw a parallel and speak about how "black folk" love to indulge in indiscriminate sex and have children out of wedlock and expect us "white folk" to support them for the rest of their lives. Vick has NO moral integrity or values to speak of and he needs to sit those children down and tell them the TRUTH and then let them make a decision about their father's misdeeds. Just because he contributed his seed does not a father make. One can be an adoptive father and they'll still be a better human and father than Vick. He has young children that he purportedly supports, yet that didn't extend to the lives of innocent dogs.

    For those of you that can't get enough of this POS, then I suggest you READ in detail what Vick did to these dogs. If it doesn't affect you in any way, then you're an unfeeling, brutal, hateful and hostile monster NOT worthy of any respect. This will be my one and only comment because pulling out the race card destroyed the journalistic integrity and credibility of this author. Don't criticize us because we refuse to excuse Vick for murdering dogs unless all of YOU are able to get your head around the race card and stop using it as a societal and emotional crutch. It's old and been old for a very long time.

    Lastly, dogs are not just animals, they are law enforcement officers on a local, county and federal level. They are caregivers in that they're certified therapy dogs and they are Search and Rescue Dogs that pull and save people from natural disasters. A Black Lab named Pearl saved 12 people in the wake of the Haiti earthquake and she was named Ken L Ration's Dog of the Year. That's a hell of a lot more than your sorry asses would ever be able to accomplish. And they are devoted, loving and cherished family members. Before any of you criticize others and caste aspersions at what we hold dear, look in your own backyard.


    You are either a complete idiot or a racist. No white person cares about the color of Vick's skin. What they do care about is that he brutally, tortured, electrocuted and murdered dogs who would have given their life for him. Money does not buy class. I do not know anyone who is jealous of him, because of his money or fame. You can have millions of dollars and still be trailer park trash! He did not make a mistake. He made a conscious decision to commit inhumane, evil acts against innocent and loving creatures. I am sure he felt like a "Big Man" murdering animals who weighed 200 pounds less than him. If he got into a ring with another man to prove his manhood I could have some respect for him. He never deserves to have the privilege of having a dog again. Would we allow a convicted child rapist to then babysit a child. Remember he is a convicted felon. A convicted felon who crimes were so violent that claw and burn marks were left on the sides of his pool, as he electrocuted his losing dogs and they struggled for their lives. I am sure those dogs, with their dying breaths, could not understand how this person they loved so much could be hurting them. For this I could never forgive him his actions. Let him ask God for forgiveness. For all of the people, rescue groups and Best Friends' in Utah, I thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the survivors of Vick's inhumanity. Because of all of you, some of these creatures now live in homes with people who appreciate and love them. These people have given their time, love, hearts and hard-earned money to care for Vick's former dogs. Why should they have to bear the financial burden of Vick's cruelty? If Vick was really sorry, he would be giving generously to these groups not only for his former dogs but other dogs like them who have suffered at the hands of other thugs. One more thing I would like to say. If this was about race, why then is a 15 year old boy going to jail for 20 years for killing a small family dog during a home invasion. He hit it with a hammer after it bit him. He is not black and he is NOT an even an ADULT. There are many stories like this, but some people want to deflect the truth by talking about race. We need to talk facts. The facts are that Vick committed horrible crimes against the most innocent of the innocent and he was WRONG.

  • Ms. Poochlover

    Thank you, SDFAEEFAESF.

    How anyone could do to any other sentient being what Mr. Vick did is, just as you put it… serial killing.

    Has nothing to do with any species or any ethnicity being "more important" than any other. Cruelty is cruelty (is cruelty is cruelty is cruelty… When will it end?).

    The extremists on both sides of this issue truly are doing more harm than good. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak… though as an animal lover I do hate to use that term.

    Thanks for bringing some level-headedness into this discussion.

  • Ms. Poochlover

    No unsupervised dog time for any convicted animal abuser!

    I do, however, hope he continues his work with the Humane Society.

  • Mira Iordanescu

    Please : Charing Ball…please read this…
    and please do some research and try to see the rescued dogs , the day of their rescue…


    I don't hate anybody because GOD has his way to let people know about what's "wrong" and what's "right". We are not going to pay latter but now on this Earth. Let's see what is going to happened with VICK. I don't care how much money he can make because they cannot buy happiness or respect or love. Maybe he will make a pile of money. So what? !?


    I don't have anything against the color of the people or their nationality but I do have problems with people who are hurting children or animals or even elderly. I do forgive them but I won't let them around my animals or my children or my elderly again. And this is for blacks, whites, yellows and reds. I'll be so ashamed of myself to write an article like this. Do you really believe in GOD ?

  • grace

    The author of this ridiculous and badly written article is obviously not a real animal lover. Those of us who are real 'animal advocates' view any mistreatment of animals as reprehensible and we don't care who the perp is. IT IS WRONG TO HURT ANIMALS NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. I don't care if you are male or female, black or white, whatever; if you purposely hurt animals, then you are a heartless scumbag! Period. To suggest that race has something to do with the Vick case is completely ignorant and a way to get people to forget about the real issue. Vick tortured and killed dogs; we will not soon forget that. P.S. I am not white, I am Hispanic and I love all animals, especially dogs, and I am a vegetarian. Any questions?

  • Mira Iordanescu

    I am pretty sure that even this young lady has no clue about the REAL CRIME this guy MV got away with…the torture, the killing of so many dogs, including family pets which were used as bait dogs, to train to fighters…Please some one send this young lady some photos , some more articles about the rescue of those dogs…Please, be so kind and read this , and maybe, some of you and even the writer of this article will reflect a bit :http://www.examiner.com/dogs-in-national/the-issue-of-vick-race-and-animal-abuse-is-it-truly-an-issue
    And : Francis Battista, co-founder of Best Friends…..you know, that great sanctuary for animals, where MV's ex-dogs are being treated and rehabilitated…please read the blog…
    The point is this MAN did not PAY for the cruelty,torture and horrible death inflicted on those animals….and it has nothing to do with color, religion, political orientation, ethnicity…etc….any other man , having committed those crimes, would have been charged with cruelty too…he was not….and this is the source of the anger…and anger, like cruelty against animals, have nothing to do with color. They only have to do with how you are inside…a good person or a bad one.

  • Cathy

    Since when did "race" have anything to do with Michael Vick (or any other animal abuser and killer) torturing, electricuting, drowning and slamming innocent dogs against a wall more than once..because the poor soul didnt die the first 2 times. I take great offence to the fact that I think he and anyone else that abuse animals are POS and that Im a racist. Its plain ignorance on anyones part to blame our hatered for people who have no value of life on race…..seems to me its black people who pull this BS cuz they have no other thing to blame it on. His color never played a part in what he did!!!!!

  • CL

    You're perpetuating the same kind of racist rhetoric that great men and women have given their lives to stop. As an African-American, I would think you'd know better.

  • Elipaws

    Fed up with the race issue… sorry but can't we just get over it and all treat each other the same? Whenever a black man is punished or negatively portrayed, 'it's because of his race, oh these racist people who don't like blacks'. This man, maimed, tortured, and cruelly killed dozens of animals and he might as well be green for all I care.

    BTW… 'mauled by a racist dog' one of the beautiful things about dogs is that they are absolutely free from prejudice… the very phrase 'racist dog' is so ridiculous it sounds almost cartoon-like.

    The word Vick will produce an awful sensation in my stomach for the rest of my life. He could turn white and it still would.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    What tripe! I hate ALL animal abusers, no matter what their race, religion, or gender. Would this author have bothered to write this if it had been a white athlete who was involved? Have you ever actually seen one of the dogs that has been forced to fight to the death? Have you seen the blood, and their guts hanging out? Have you seen the expression of defeat in their eyes? And, despite Michael Vick now speaking out against dog fighting, the damage is already done – dog fighting is on the rise in the US, in large part because it was sensationalized by Vick's involvement with it. I, for one, will never forgive him. Just as I won't forgive all the other animal abusers who have tortured and killed animals. Believe me, many of them are "white". My disgust of them is because of what they have done – not the color of their skin.

  • Katie

    I could not have said it better myself.

    I have 4 dogs, 2 of which are Pitties. I'm also fostering a Lab and her 11 puppies. I don't dress anyone up, but I do love them. They are very spoiled and sweet, loyal CHILDREN of mine. I'm also pregnant with twins. My children will grow up knowing sick Vick is wrong, Palin is wrong, etc. Race is no matter when it comes to defenseless, innocent animals.

  • Gigi

    How funny that the women who wrote the article is black. You are the worst kind of racist! Michael Vick is evil, he has never once said he was sorry, the only thing I can recall him saying was "if I didn't get caught I would still be dog fighting" Every time a black man does something it's because of race he might as well be purple or green he is the lowest form of scum on the planet. As for the humane society I will never give a dollar to them for endorsing him, I give to the true hero's like the shelters and groups who day in and out have to watch these animals come in with more horrific abuse and I don't only mean dog fighting and do everything to find homes and rehabilitate these poor animals….So again Michael Vick doesn't deserve to breath our air!!!!!!!!

  • DLK

    The issue has nothing to do with color. Anyone whom believes otherwise is simply grasping at straws for justification of their defense of this dispicable human being. The issue here is whether or not someone whom committed such sadistic dispicable crimes against defenseless innocent animals is worthy of walking the same path as the rest of us. The answer is, "No". It takes a special mentality to torture animals for pure pleasure. This mentality is often escalated to more violent crimes. Most real dog lovers don't put too much emphasis on what the whack job running the Humane Society thinks..since they are the second most hypocritical animal rights organization in the world. (taking second place only to PETA). If Michael Vick were white.. you would see even MORE outrage… because not only would white folks feel exactly as they do now.. but many of the black folks whom currently think he's great would also be outraged! That's a fact.

  • Nancy

    This lady along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and our own wonderful President (sarcasm) who called and praised the Eagles for giving Vick a 2nd chance are the biggest racist and bigots there are. No matter what a black person does, it's OK, but if a white person does the same thing, they don't say a word. I don't care what color you are if you are fighting, tortuing and brutually killing dogs, you deserve to rot in jail, then rot in hell. It's always about race to "Africian Amercians". I'm sorry, I'm an American, plain and simple. I was born in the US and therefore I am an American period. This kind of crap does more to cause turmoil in race relations then anything else. Yep, since Vick is black and plays football, it's ok what he did……………BS. It's not right for ANYONE to do what he did and would still be doing according to him, which was no shock, if he hadn't been caught.

  • Nh

    fact: he did NOT serve time for animal cruelty or dog fighting charges. so, he did not 'pay dues' in that department.

    i am over michael vick because in my rescue work i focus my efforts on dogs who are currently abused and tortured and beaten in my "real life". no longer on mike vick.

    this is not a black or white issue, for the average actual animal lover. if this were tom brady or any other white athlete, i would think the fact that they did NOT serve animal cruelty charges was just as ridiculous.

    This article clearly outlines the actual tortures that took place on this compound to these dogs (which i commend as most articles do not cover the electrocution, drowning, beating, hanging, etc), but it is wrong in saying he served his time, as no cruelty charges were ever served.

  • Sarah

    Dude are you kidding??? Have you read the details of what Vick did? Obviously NOT. He didn't just shoot a dog point blank and call it a day….. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT then you may think of Vick differently

  • alf

    forgive & forget. Unless he does it again.

  • Ronald

    I don't know the author but this particular article was written to engage racism and bigotry. She talks angrily about racism and hate and then she tries to act like shes backing off "this is not necessarily a black and white issue for me ." When she goes on a different tack it dosen't matter. She has everyone thinking race and hate. To serious dog owners the author puts an exclamation on the article saying she owns an American Bulldog. Which one of these breeds is kept for doing some damage to people and the kids. Corgi's, spaniels or American Bulldogs. I'm all for Vick playing but I can't believe he is a human who developed feelings opposite of his previous actions before prison. He's the same Vick with a better media control.

  • Kelly Johnson

    Oh, I get it now — of course, this is a RACIAL issue!! See, all along I thought it was about an overpaid, arrogant athlete displaying a complete lack of humanity by torturing and killing dogs for entertainment purposes! Thank you Ms. Ball for opening my eyes with this outstanding piece of journalism. I hope one day you will see how ridiculously ignorant this made you look. I doubt it though (I'm sure that will just trigger some lunatic ranting about deep-seeded racial prejudice against black women in journalism or something — honenstly…)

  • Mixed Guy

    For myself, as someone who may be considered "white"(even though I'm a mixture of "race/cultures"), stop throwing a whole population of people into your article.

    Not everyone likes Sara Palin, in fact, most PEOPLE think she's a dumb twat.

    Fueling more racism is unbelievably counter productive and has helped turn the internet into a steaming pile of sh**, where opinions that are espoused are rarely supported with valid arguments.

    "Black man in trouble, white people obviously happy"
    This ideal is f***** up, we're not supposed to be living in the 1940s/50s

    This is 2011, lets face the reality its both blacks and whites on welfare, and latinos too, oh hey, asians also. Wait, it seems to be, that AMERICA is on welfare. Why add to the stress created by economic poverty for an entire country? Why make it harder for people to believe that someone whose skin than their own is different, isn't innately evil.

    And stop watching Fox news, maybe you won't be filled with so much need for a scapegoat for an issue.

  • whaTEVER

    ok now M vick is responseble for all dog fights again this was going on before vick and will continue way after hes gone sorry to tell you its a sport just like football may the best dog win lol..

    • Pit Bull Advocates

      A "SPORT", just an FYI, is a competition engaging TWO WILLING PARTICIPANTS! Dog Fighting is a FELONY in which innocent dogs are trained BY HUMANS to kill each other!! That is NOT a sport and if it were, boxers and wrestlers would ALSO fight to the death. Nice argument, are your parents siblings?

  • Alex

    It is one Sure Way to tell when Racism is in play, "All the White People keep saying: There is Nothing Racist with thier way of Thinking. Dogs are Not Human and don't deserve Human Rights, which were used to help the Evil White People to keep the Rights away from Black People. But now is the Time for people to Chose Right or Wrong, only you Know if you are serving God or the Devil. You are going to Died, where will your Soul go, Heaven or Hell? Think Right and Do Right.

  • gj

    This was on the 5pm news here in Chicago tonight:


    Please tell me how Mr. Vick's PSA's are positively affecting the young adults in the communities?

    This has nothing to do with race.

  • Vandett

    True enough, jesse James, Favre and Edwards acts were deplorable and in all cases there is no excuse for those acts whatsoever! I disagree with the statement that a big deal was not made of them though. James spent months in the papers and news as did Edwards. Edwards is still being talked about especially since Elizabeth passed. Favre is a douche and has not gotten what he deserved. All that said, none of those acts were murder. People were without a doubt but no life was lost and that is the difference that makes his acts so heinous.

  • Kimberly Armendariz

    Mr Vick seems only sorry that he was caught, not truly sorry for the crime he committed. I don't care if he is black, asian, indian, white, mexican, etc. What he supported, participated in, funded and enjoyed was the cruel treatment, torture and killing of animals. What he now represents is the idea that you can break the law, have animals killed, and say/do the right things and be right back to where you were and everyone will pretend it never happened. Last I checked, it was a HUMAN trait to love dogs, the saying goes 'man's best friend' not white-mans best friend.

  • Bob P.

    "The reality is that this phony outrage over Vick’s past treatment of dogs has little to do with the crime that he had been convicted of but more likely a reflection of the deep-seeded racial prejudice of black men with money."

    I wonder if the writer can understand what a racist thing that is to claim. To belittle one's disgust at what Vick did, as "phony" and "racial", in it's motivation, is, unless the author can provide some factual evidence for her contention, scurrilous.

  • roxanne Delgado

    Michael Vick is a poor excuse to play the RACE CARD. use that card for education and job opportunities and not to defend lowlives such as Michael Vick and OJ. Hey, I am NOT WHITE and I HATE MICHAEL VICK.

  • rluvoc

    It's funny how the "white people" are saying it has nothing to do with race. However why isn't there any uproar about Sarah Palin who hunts "animals"? Same with Tiger Woods his downfall was blasted every night on the news for over 6 months straight. Not saying what he did was right but Jesse James, Brett Farv and other whites who make mistakes definitely don't get rediculed in the media as much as blacks. Look at the John Edwards scandal what he did was awful in no way was his scandal replayed as much as Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant.

    There is a double standard and anyone who can't see it is just in plain denial of the truth….

  • Karla Wilson

    y'all are just too overwrought.

  • V.Carter

    It's funny how most of you people don't realize the word pet is subjective. It's countries that view cows as sacred but here in America we feed cows to dogs. Get a grip on reality people or at least stop hiding your racist ideals behind a largely philosophical view on the preciousnes of life because I'd bet my bottom dollar that 90% of you all use animal by-products in some way shape or form on a daily if not weekly basis. Ummm, do you have any real lether anything on your feet. Oh okay, you do know that's an animal right. Sanctamonious peple are he bane of my existence.

  • Jae Malik

    If you want to read the truth about what happened and not just some opinion, read the report that was filed by the USDA who assisted with the actual investigation: http://www.usda.gov/oig/webdocs/BadNewzKennels.pd

    The factual information goes to show just how much of a psychopath this poor excuse of a human is, mental illness knows no race boundaries. To do what he did, he has to be ill, he threw his own family pets into the cage with Pitties that were trained fighters and laughed while they were torn to shreds. Good athlete? Sure. Convicted felon? Absolutely. Remorseful for killing at least seven dogs by hanging, drowning, electrocution, and slamming them into the ground by the legs until their neck and back broke? No. Remorseful because he got caught? Absolutely. Remorseful because it hit his wallet? Absolutely. Gives a damn about making a change? No. Gives a damn about trying to make people think he gives a damn? Absolutely. Not a damn thing to do with being white or black, it has to do with a sense of humanity and the fact that the person who wrote this attempts to put race into the mix, puts her right there with him.

    When people stop equating the fact that someone has a certain talent as a measure of character then you will understand. There were many serial killers, rapists, abusers throughout history who were intellectually or artistically gifted, but that does not change the fact that they were or are psychopaths.

    Keep defending the psychopath, it strengthens the case for the innocent and vulnerable animals that he killed.

  • Erica

    The last I checked Vick is a FREE MAN. In no way should an American get on national tv and call for a free man execution. If that what Tucker believes personally, maybe he should have kept it to his personal self. The End.

  • Pit Garrett

    Yes he has served time, but not for his crimes against the dogs he killed. That was part of the plea agreement. Also lest we forget the man stated while speaking to children, that if not caught he would still be engaged in the same activities. So did he learn or did he learn to not get caught next time? I personally do not place my dogs lives above that of a person of any race. He did his time and does deserve a second chance yes, just not as a professional athlete. Nor do any athletes caught engaging in felonies activities. Children are being taught that if you have tremendous sports abilities that there indiscretions will be over looked and they can become a high profile athlete, if they can make someone money. The NFL is filled with convicts, I like to refer to it as The National Felons League.

    You cant get a job at McDonalds if you have a felony conviction, but you can get one in the NFL. Thats beyond screwed up…..

  • Mina

    Really…really its not about race, its not about the south!!! Its about a volition of trust and love!

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi

    Vick has no Moral progress and as great as he is on the field he is and always will be a coward off of it!! He paid he debt in jail and he should never be allowed to own a pet ever again.

    For those who say it is about race…please get over it!!

  • Stac

    The idea that race plays a part in this is absolutely absurd. The bottom line is no one that has committed such a disgusting crime should be allowed to be "admired". Our society is to blame because we allow idiots like him to reap benefits for the sake of sports. Our country would forgive anyone of anything as long as it made for a good season. That's the disgusting part of this. What this man did was psychologically disgusting and not what I want my 8 year old son to idolize on TV. Regardless of what we say or do our youth looks up to professional athletes and other types of celebrities. So what message are we sending our kids when we condone such behavior.

    And for the record I wouldn't care if he was white, asian, or even blue. He lacks remorse and knows as long as he can perceive that he is sympathetic that's the only apology America needs. Sick.

  • AZ2(AW) Mason

    I find it funny how you use the premise that this is a poorly written article to hide what your really trying to say. If the high horse is where you feel like talking from that's fine but to tear apart someones effort just to invalidate a very good point is a emotional and moral error. Where is the judgement for Ben Rothlisberger ??? ( Who took advantage of another human ? TWICE ACCUSED). You see it's easy to judge on the other side of the jury but if someone turned a microscope and light on your life I'm sure the roaches would scatter. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Is it really that hard to forgive someone of a crime that his family did and wasn't done blatently to you ? Or do you just want to find a reason to hold on to hate and distain ?? I spelled 4 words wrong and made 3 grammar errors but It's still the truth.

    • kathy

      Mason, I was not trying to hide anything…I came right out and said what I felt. I didn't feel Ms. Charring had a point other than racism. (That would be her racism against whites.) I brought up the fact that Ms. Charring's article was not well written because I thought it was important for correct information to be shared when it is published. The grammatical errors bother me because Ms. Charring as a professional writer should know better. There is no hidden implication, no hatred. How I feel about other issues i.e. "Ben Rothlisberger" has nothing to do with what I said about this article or Michael Vick. I wish I could post some photos of the dogs Michael Vick abused and tortured so that you could understand the gravity of his crimes. And as far as judging only God can judge. I can choose to forgive or not, but I do not judge.

      Oh, as far as my life is concerned and the roaches scattering….I doubt it. You use a lot of tired clichés

      in your reply and I find it amusing. You have no idea if I am black or white yet you assume. Funny, that.

  • DBK

    This issue is SO not about race. Those of us that care about dogs would feel the way we do if ANYONE did what Vick did to his dogs. Abuse against animals, abuse against children, abuse against a person of any color is abhorent and should not be tolerated.

  • joe

    i'm glad somebody said it. i'm glad he is wearing green and hope he is a eagle for LIFE!!! he paid his debt to society..move on!!

  • Vivian

    are you for real???? Do you know what he did? you think a normal man would do such a thing???? And you are being racist…I have plenty of African American friends who think Vick is a monster!!!! Get real, lady. It was horrible torture and killing what happened to those dogs!!!! Murderers start with dogs, it would not be so difficult for Vick to do the same with a human if he got pissed off!

  • Pablo Fanque

    Gee golly, I just can't figure out why racism won't go away.

    Keep feeding it, moron.

  • dallas_TX

    You should visit a farm. They kill unwanted animals quite often. Too many kittens, they drwon them

  • Kirk

    When an individual is diagnosed as having an Anti-Social Personality Disorder it has absolutely nothing to do with Race, Football, Religion or Politics.

    Several diagnostic criteria have to be present including manipulative behavior- MV manipulated Pacelle head of HSUS, then conditions of his parole, then the NFL ,then the Press, then the Fans, then the Christians, then Afro-Americans and now the President of the USA.

    Another is difficulty with authority which is indicated by breaking the law and not being able to accept that he could not have a dog.

    Another is Grandious Behavior "I Feel I am Being Used by God" The fact that he does not accept his terms of probation is completely predictable.

    About getting a dog now "I feel it would help me with my therapy" indicates lack of insite to his behaviour and manipulation of the system. No is not easily acceptable by ppl with this diagnosis.

    Animal abuse is also on the list of criteria showing lack of impulse control and empathy -M.V. admitted to torturing animals which puts him in a different league than other psychopathic personalities, torturing animals indicates that he is among some of the most dangerous Offenders on the planet.

    Treatment: there is NO cure- we know now with PET scan studies that the frontal lobe of the brain is hard-wired differently.

    IF ANYONE ACTUALLY READS THIS POST: don't take my word for it- Google DSMR IV antisocial personality disorder -diagnostic criteria and treatment.

    You might also want to examine your motives for supporting this individual.

  • Jill

    I do not think that because Vick is a black man that he should suffer the rest of his life. If he were white or another color I would want him to suffer the rest of his life. There are plenty of white, brown and others who abuse dogs that make me just as mad. The problem with Vick is the reason the President of the Humane Society likes him is because The Eagles gave the Humane Society $50,000. The President of the Humane Society (an overpaid white guy) is paid over $300,000 a year so that just went towards his salary or bonus. The President of the Humane Society used Vick to raise all kinds of money to rescue his dogs and then was going to put all the dogs to sleep. Rescue groups stepped in and saved the dogs. Vick was ordered to give $1,000,000 towards the care and rehabilitation of the dogs but the rescue groups have spent way more than that. If Vick was truly sorry he would on a ongoing basis give rescue groups (not the Humane Society) much of that money he earns.

    Vick has said that he would still be fighting dogs if he had not gotten caught. Does that sound like he is a changed person? I think not. As far as ever owing a dog for a pet, he would throw his pets in the pit with the fighting dogs and watch them get mauled. Does that sound like a person who should ever own another pet? I think not.

    I have a young man, 12 years old, as a FB friend who spends all of his spare time trying to rescue animals and raising money to rescue. He is African American and he is truly someone to look up to.

    Obama should have called the rescue groups that rescued Vicks' dogs and congratulated them on giving the dogs a second chance at life the real victims in this situation. Obama should give donations to those rescue groups and go visit them so he will know exactly what a rescue dog is so the next time he says he will rescue a dog he will really rescue a dog that needs a home instead of getting a dog that already has a home.

    People don't hate Michael Vick because he is black and he is making a lot of money, people of all races, hate Michael Vick because he is an animal abuser of the worse kind. That is not being racist. The girl who wrote this article and from the other articles I read that she wrote seems to be racist against white people. It is too bad that she is wasting her time on these kind of articles with all the things going on in the world. Maybe I should email her and have her write an article on my fb friend who is 12 years old and who rescues animals instead of hanging out on the streets and has friends of all colors. She just might learn something.

  • MDS

    wow, this blog is soo massively racist. The blog is just filled with generalizations and sterotypes that if it had been a white person writing about the African-American community people would be lined up waiting to say how racist and wrong this article is.

  • Kate

    Thanks for writing this article. As a member of the "white folks" group, I have been troubled by the language used about Michael Vick. I don't feel he should get to parent a dog again, as it seems like a natural consequence of life. This society is still close to its deep racist history, exemplified in our easy castigation of non-whites, over-representation of whites in the media and general dominant majority discourse all over the place.

    • Courtney in Texas

      The only *bad* language I have heard about Vick refers to his cruelty, lack of compassion and lack of remorse. In none of the articles I have read, conversations I have had or interviews I have heard has any person pointed out the fact that Mr. Vick is a man of color. The color of his skin had no bearing on my opinions about his actions.

  • whaTEVER

    This has nothing to do with what mike vick did, people hunt for a sport some of the biggest names in our goverment. I also

    believe if you did not see it with ur eyes how do you know he

    did that to them dogs again he was the highest paid qb

    before he went to jail makes you think people….. Are mad not

    at what he did but how great of a player he is…….. THE FUNNY THING IS ALL THE MONEY HE LOST HES ABOUT TO GET IT BACK AGAIN

  • christopher mitchell

    Really!, are we still talking about Dogs!! The man has served his time, and admitted his wrong past misdeeds, past and present, what more do these people want? What I find amazing is how we can give these so called stars passes on any and everything. Hell! you can beat the sh*t! out of a woman but just make sure you don't kick that dog on your way out. This is proven in how many athletes serve so little jail time and still play on Sundays. The bottom line is our society has become so arrogant and vicious that our evil is accepted. We all make mistakes, and we all have skeletons in our closet, less we all hope and pray none are ever discovered.

    • Advocate for Saving

      Did you hear us? we should all be treated equal, no abuse is ok. I am an advocate for the animals because they need a voice and some one to stand up for them. Humans are the only species who ACT LIKE THEY ARE THE ONLY SPECIES. Who are we to put humans above other animals?

      Different face? Can't be because we have thumbs, can't be because we are sentiment and they are not, we proved they are…they feel just as we do, why are you treating them like objects? An abused woman has a choice to leave, a dog doesn't.


      • MentalMashup

        Who are we to put humans above animals? Are you serious!? You must be an athiest, because you can't be a Christian. The bible says that God created man and animals and gave men dominion over the animals. Animals are not humans and should not be placed on par with humans, period!

        I do NOT believe animals should be abused, and for what Vick did, I think he should have done MORE time in prison! However, if you have a problem with people who place animals in their proper place (sorry, but animals don't have souls and don't go to heaven after they die), then you need to take that issue up with God.

    • seriously

      his conviction wasn't for dog fighting. it was for money being passed over state borders.

      and who says that animal advocates are not human advocates as well? most of the time, the two go hand in hand, as those people have a problem with senseless violence and abuse in general. this is a mindset that crosses all racial and even species boundaries.

  • William

    Well written article and I love the point about Ms Palin. How can you say if you shoot an animal its alright but to strangle on is an unforgivable act. Killing should be killing may be more time for one than the other but it shouldn't be all right here but wrong here

  • KJ Johnson

    You don't get it. It has nothing to do with the color of anybody's skin. It has to do with money, and the unabashed cruelty to the dogs Vick tortured and killed for entertainment. Any other regular (non-famous) person who had been convicted of the same animal cruelty crimes as Vick was would have been ordered by the court to never own an animal again. But Vick's got lots of money, and he's paying people in prominent positions to say nice things about him so he can get out of what should be a lifetime punishment. It's not about race. It's just about what's right and what's wrong.

    • Mike Bonheim

      One of the main problems is that he was NOT convicted of any animal abuse or cruelty charges. He plead out to a charge of "Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture."

      If he had been convicted of the endless cruelty for which he was responsible, his penalties would have been more severe, and many people WOULD feel that justic had been done.

  • There's an all-white group of anti-union junk food pushers called the Center for Consumer Freedom that's really been sticking it to Michael Vick. Vick's been working with the Humane Society of the United States to educate kids about his mistakes, but this phony "consumer" group is vilifying him because they're partly bankrolled by puppy mills and dog breeders. And maybe they're racists. Their office is in DC but they're all white. Ever been to DC?

  • Laura Jacobi

    Well, I live in a country where dog fighting is the preserve of a White underclass. Take race out of this and it boils down to the same thing. Breeding dogs to fight so people can bet on it is illegal. He has been punished and done his time. Now he is earning his living doing something legal. His dogs have been rehabilitated and hopefully so has he. If not than yes he will need to be convicted again and do time again.

    • nrgins

      He said in an interview that he has "no regrets over anything" except the amount of time he spent in jail. (He wishes that would have been shorter.) That doesn't sound like someone who's been "rehabilitated," or who even regrets what he did!!

  • We4she

    I think it's because some people look at pets as "property" as opposed to "Family Members" I have to admit, I have a natural revulsive reaction when I take my pet to the vet and they refer to me as "SO-N-SO's Daddy" (trust me; none of my offspring look like a German Shepherd!) I think, this also speaks to the concept of forgiveness and redemption; you say that once a person pays their debt to society, they should be allowed to rejoin it …do you really mean it? Does incarceration really rehabilitate? if so …get off of Vick's back! If not, then be honest, call it what it is – stockpiling undesirables away so "polite humanity" no longer has to be bothered with them. And finally …for all you animal activists …I am still waiting for you to sue Sarah Palin on behalf of the moose and halibut constituency …I dare ya!

  • Sue

    Oh, and of course Tucker Carlson is going to say something about Vick because Obama made that phone call. Since then, the right has used Vick as a political issue to criticize Obama. My guess is Carlson didn’t say anything about Vick before Obama made that call. But Obama can’t do anything that the right won’t condemn with their fake outrage. Suddenly, the party that doesn’t want to environmental protection regulation, that doesn't want to protect clean air or clean water, that apologized to BP and said it shouldn’t have to put money in trust to clean up the Gulf, that wants to drill in the Arctic, is the champion of animals? Yeah, no.

    But again, that doesn't make everyone else's outrage phony. It's just the typical everything is politics in the world of 24 hour cable news and right wing hackery.

    Me, I wish Obama had not made that call. Or if he's going to thank the Eagles for giving Vick another chance, he should also call Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Bad Rap, and the other rescue groups who gave Vick's dogs a second chance at a life without torture.

  • Sue

    Vick has not acknowledged what he has done. He claimed he was not guilty of animal cruelty and those charges were dropped as part of the plea bargain. He served time only for bankrolling the dog fighting. Until he acknowledges what he's done, he can't understand what he's done let alone be rehabilitated.

    And, what he's done goes beyond dog fighting, as heinous as that is. He did not "just" fight dogs. He did not "just" kill dogs. He tortured dogs to death. He bought a pool. He bought car batteries. He bought jumper cables. He assembled all of those in one place. He had the pool filled with water. He connected the cables to the dog and to the battery. And he threw the dog in the pool to be electrocuted to death. The scratches on the sides of the pool from the dog's teeth and nails trying to get away are testament to the dogs' extreme suffering as well as to the sort of depravity Vick exhibited. If his goal was "just" to dispose of losing dogs, he could have done that in a much less horrific manner. That he chose to be creative in the way he killed these dogs, that he planned executions to inflict the most torture he could, should be chilling. It exposes either extreme anger or extreme mental pathology, though likely both.

    And, even for those who do not care about dogs, you should be concerned about the type of sociopathic behavior Vick's actions reveal. You should be concerned about what it means that sociopaths usually target animals before they move on to people. His crime is more chilling than even dog fighting. And it has nothing to do with race.

    Outrage over Vick's action is not phony. And if you think that all this comes down to race because Tucker Carlson hasn't condemned Sarah Palin for her disgusting treatment of animals you are sorely mistaken. Tucker's a political hack and his hypocrisy does not mean that no one else has condemned Palin for her abhorrent conduct. In addition to her execution of a caribou for political gain on her tv show, she has also been condemned for her advocacy on behalf shooting wolves from helicopters, her interview before a scene of turkeys being slaughtered, as well as other gleeful demonstrations of animal death. Picking her as a counter example of someone who's been left off the hook is a really bad choice–her behavior has been discussed in various forums. That Faux News didn't criticize her is not a big shock and it doesn't make everyone else who rightly condemns her and Vick racist. And even if no one condemned Palin for anything, it wouldn't make what Vick did okay.

    And, the opening of this article with the discussion of how white folks and black folks are different about dogs seems to come out of a bad idea for a bad stand up comedy routine. It's great you dismiss it as just so much essentalizing and stereotyping, but why spend most of the article with such specious nonsense?

    And, oh yeah, Ben Roethlisberger should be banned too.

    • Laura


  • brownskinned

    i have read in the newspaper where white people have killed dogs and horses and they only had to pay fines. i've seen on the news where children were molested and the person only served a couple of months ( if any time at all) and a fine. So, if you dont see a problem there, then maybe you really need to get a grip on reality……

    • marie

      Why is it when people know they are wrong race has to be thrown in.

  • R-SON the Voice of R

    @James, the comparison you're trying to make is flawed and idiotic. Child molesters aren't making money of of their actions. They are sick monsters who hurt children for their own pleasure. Those involved in dog fighting, on any level, are doing it because there's money involved.

    @ Courtney, while you may not WELCOME any proof, it does exist. Just listening to Michael Vick now, compared to before his fall, the evidence of a changed person is obvious. Because you choose not to accept it, you perogative, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    Wondering, have any of the Vick detractors saved any pious outrage for the guy in Pittsburgh involved in 2 sexual assaults? what about the cop who murdered an unarmed, handcuffed black man and may wind up spending LESS time in jail than Michael Vick? Anyone?

    • Reasonless Voice?

      wow … have you ever listened to VIck? He is the most UN-Humble athlete there is. He is completely full of himself and talks like he's been a victim all along.

      Does it make it any worse or better that they do it for MONEY? Regardless, your logic is flawed because Vick was one of the highest paid NFL players at the time … why would he need to run a dog fighting ring? That begs the question: did he ENJOY it? It would appear so.

      • Laura

        Sociopaths are highly persuasive people and obviously his comments have fooled you. And most importantly of all, if it was just about money, he would have "discarded" those dogs that lost in the ring by either injecting them with the same serum used to euthanize a dog at the end of his life or found some other way to "dispose" of them. He conciously chose to torture them before they died. That is not a person of sound mind.

    • marie

      If this article was about sexual assault, or murder maybe you would hear outrage. But this is about the lowlife who TORTURED dogs because they did not preform well. Vick should suffer a career ending injury

  • LH

    Are you serious, Ms. Ball? REALLY? My jaw hit the floor reading this. While it offends you that the white folks don't want the black man to have a doggie, it's far more offensive to me that you elevate the narcissistic wants of a sociopath above the need for protecting innocent animals. Ever heard of recidivism and studied the statistics behind it? You need to. By the way, I'm black and this blatant race card doesn't work on me. It's incredibly insulting.

  • Rebecca

    I would just like to know how the author or any ones else who has a dog would like it if there dog was stolen and used as a bait dog for Vicks past dog fighting sessions – he thought it was funny when terrified family owned pets were put into the ring to be killed by his dogs to toughen them up. Think about that next time you look your Fido in the eyes.

  • Kathy M.

    "Why do White people love dogs much more than they do Black people?" Are you kidding me?? Shame on you!!

    • Laura

      Amen! I am a white woman who is married to a black man and an ardent dog lover and volunteer with a rescue. I despise Michael Vick and always will. I guess according to this writer I'm a "phony".

    • seriously

      did you READ this article? the first half is sarcasm. the second half says it's not a race issue

  • John Green

    Great article Charing, my friend.

  • Charlie

    I agree, but its not just "white folks" who are keeping the issue alive. Its the more fanatic activists like those in PETA and the ASPCA who feel so strongly about animal rights that they believe the issue should always be at the front of the conversation in our society. Sort of like the "black folks" who seem able to find racism present in everything and feel so strongly about it that they feel IT should always be at the forefront of the convesation in our society. You get on their case and I'll take care of all the "white folks" in PETA.

  • Advocate for Saving

    Humans are the only species on earth who act like they are the only species on earth

  • James

    I will say it time and time again, would you leave a convicted child molester alone with a child? if so, why are they required to live 1500 feet from schools and required to register? He strangled, electrocuted and killed dogs. We had the Nitro law in the Ohio Senate, it died, like Nitro. And the law was aimed at a Caucasian who commited and was convicted of animal cruelty crimes.

  • Advocate for Saving

    OMG!!ANIMAL PPL DON'T put dogs HIGHER than black ppl! This is not about color! If Vick was any other "color"or "race" we would still give him a hard time. Animal ppl believe all creatures should be treated the same, we do not put one species above another, we all have value…this lady made it sound racist!! Wake up and look at what Vick did. I don't HATE the man, I hate no one, I just don't want him to have a dog! Black , White , purple or blue, cat ,dog, mouse….no difference. This is specie-ism, the Aurthur is committing specie-ism …animal people see no difference between a dog or a pig, we would not eat our dog, there for, we will not eat a pig or a cow. I do not trust Vick with a pet, this was a LIFESTYLE, not a mistake like going to a party, we would not let a molester adopt a child now would we? He sold his soul to the devil, he has his fortune and fame, he just does not need a dog!

    • "Mom" to 2

      TO Advocate for Saving Dogs ~ "OMG!!ANIMAL PPL DON’T put dogs HIGHER than black ppl! "

      Wrong!!! After reading this racists words, I absolutely put my dogs wayyyy higher than *this* woman, and she's black.

      So, in this case, in regards to this black person …. I sure do.

      • Janet

        AMEN>>>>>my Pitty and my Mastiff are to be worshiped compared to this "person".. I think I might even have to hold the excretions from their hind end in higher regard as well.

  • Butter52697

    I think the aritcle was excellent – well written. It covers all sides from an educated standpoint.

    I am a huge fan of Michael Vick and I believe he understands his mistake and he is on the path to doing better.

    • Courtney in Texas

      Does he understand his mistake? Or does he understand that in order to thrive in the NFL he has to make it appear that he is remorseful? Again, I challenge all readers to find some proof that Michael Vick has ever been contrite about what happened, or shown ANY remorse.

    • Susan Sinclair

      The author can't even spell and use proper grammar! Well written?

      Very funny! She's clearly the racist here.

    • IMO

      This piece is a huge generalization and completely one sided. How can someone describe "white folks" as all being one way? Completely off the mark and uneducated mess of a piece.

      • In case you didn't get the memo, opinion pieces are usually one-sided. That's why it's called an OPINION piece. FYI, you may also hear opinion pieces referred to as editorials. They are the same. News articles and editorial/opinion pieces are not the same. Do I need to sing the Sesame Street matching game theme song for you to understand the difference?

        No wonder we're the laughing stock of the world. We get dumber by the year. Geez Louise.

    • Shana

      The ONLY REASON he has "Made up for what he has done" is BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT. He himself, has even said he would still be doing it if he wasn't caught. I don't give a flying &!#$ what color he is, he is a disgusting human being and any athletic talent he may have is completely overshadowed by his cruelty.

    • rhonda

      Yeah, you keep believing……

    • CMJ

      He's gone on the record as saying he regrets NOTHING except he wished he did less jail time. (It is on comedy central's website.)

      Yeah, he understands really well. Mmmmhmmm. Sure. Btw I have a bridge to sell you, only 5 bucks…it's a really nice bridge.

  • Cara

    I have read this article a number of times now. What I keep coming back to is the words of Dr. King. He dreamed that one day man would be judged not for the color of his skin, but for the content of his character. As far as I can tell, you are actually asking that Michael Vick be judged FOR the color of his skin, rather than the content of his character. I won't do that. His vicious cruelty to living creatures is far more relevant to me than the color of his skin ever will be.

  • Jesse

    A moose is not a dog. So I don't know what Sarah Palin has to do with this other than a pathological hatred of anything white and Republican.

    So let me ask you Ms Ball, if a Neo-nazis went out and hung a black or jew in effigy would you forgive them?

  • Carrie

    This is not a race issue, and it should not be made into one. He is an animal torturer who has admitted that if he had not been forced to stop he would still be doing it. He is not rehabilitated and has not paid his debt to society or the animals involved. Do not hide behind the "black people with money" lie.

    I do not like him, and will never like him until he makes it right to the dogs still alive. Has he even checked on them, called Best Friends or any of the other rescues? Nope, rich boy got his and is moving on. Do not shame your own race by not holding him accountable. I hold anyone who tortures an animal accountable, be they black white or any other race. Shame on you

  • guest

    Perhaps you should go back and get all your fact stright. Vic was NEVER convicted of animal abuse because he copped a deal to a lesser charge. Vic is a SICK SOB. you say you are an animal lover? close your eyes and vision your pet with car battery jumper cables clipped to thier ears. then attached to car batteries, then your pet picked up and thrown into the pool, notice the scratch marks in the tile from the dogS whaling in pain, listen to Vic laughing with his friends that were there. Dogs pick up and SMASHED onto rocks splitting open thier heads. other FAMILY pets thrown into the pit and mauld to death. but he NEVER had to face those nightmares because he plea bargined. Vic will NEVER be forgiven!

  • Susan

    Once again, we've mixed up being a great athlete with being a great person. I don't agree with Carlson's comment but I don't agree with most of this article either. Vick TORTURED AND MURDERED and Vick can kiss my….

  • Courtney in Texas

    Michael Vick's unpaid dues: Why dog advocates aren't moving on

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/

  • Vickie Littleton

    The President of the Humane Society of the United States is NOT a dog owner or a pet lover. Wayne Pacelle's opinion of who should own a dog carries no weight at all. He knows NOTHING about dogs. He is an expert lobbyist and fundraiser, not a dog expert. His job is to suck money from the unsuspecting public who think he runs an actual Animal shelter.

  • Doug

    Humor at the start, opinion at the end. Must it always be about race?

  • hmm

    I am so over this just leave the man alone , only white people are still talking about this move on.

    • Susan Sinclair

      Only white people? Excuse me? Who is the author of this article? Seems to me she is black.

      • conraddobler

        "Only white people? Excuse me? Who is the author of this article? Seems to me she is black"

        Uh yes- whites are the only ones still "foaming at the mouth" about this….meanwhile their "hero" Palin and the wacko Ted Nugent slaughter animals regularly with high powered weapons and not a peep from these white "do-gooders"…not surprising….

        • elle

          excuse me but im white and i cannot stand sarah palin or ted nugent. get your facts straight. All of you who think Vick has "suffered" need to get a grip. He went to jail for less than 2 years, paid 2 mill in restitution and went back to playing in the NFL and making millions, BFD. if want to make it about race, go ahead, thats your perogative its not going to make my dislike or anyone elses for this scumbag dissipate.

        • Katie

          I hate Palin as much as I hate Vick. I am a white animal rights advocate. I am also incredibly sick of the race card being pulled everywhere. It has nothing to do with skin color or how much money one pulls in. It's all about their heart and soul, if they have them, and how they treat others. If it truly is "do unto others" then we should go ahead and electrocute Vick. And shoot Palin from a helicopter like a sissy "hunter". Not all white people are the ones who are not forgiving of Vick's evil deeds. If he did that to a human, he'd never see the light of day. Some of us DO treat our animals as high as we treat others. Some of us consider our pets our children. That's not wrong. Who gives us any right to consider humans the most important life form on this Earth anyhow?!

          This author is the only racist one. No one would have any race issues if it weren't for black people bringing it up everywhere. No one thinks of the damn slaves anymore. That has NOTHING to do with dogs nowadays. If you're stuck in the past, go ahead and stick there and let the rest of us try and enjoy the present. After all, it IS a gift. Embrace it and stop whining about some sh!t your ancestors went through. You aren't feeling any of the pain or hardships because of it, so shut up about it. If I had poor, homeless ancestors, should I start acting like everything needs to be handed to me? NO! So, knock it off already!

          • Ambs

            Wow! Seems to me that you are the one that needs to get a grip. First off, you have NO right whatsoever to assume that no blacks feel the effects of slavery. Racism is alive and well, and if you can't see that, then how about you get the hell out of this country! Slavery is part of this country's history, and I am sorry, but I have no plans to act like it doesn't exist. That's what YOU as a white person would like, but it's not going to happen. We have every right, just as you have the right to express your foolishness, to bring it up if it is relevant. This author is not racist. If you could get past your own tragic bias (racism), you would see that. GO BACK AND READ THE ARTICLE. Fool.

        • Morgan Griffith

          Uh 'scuse me I don't know what you have been listening to but the animal welfare movement is equally as vocal on the dual idiots Palin & Nugent. Perhaps you just haven't noticed. I don't think either of them should be anywhere near an animal either. As far as Wayne Pacelle, well let's just say that he is less than honorable in his dealings with money and animals. It does not surprise me at all that he would come out for any animal abuser, esp if he could use it as a fundraising opportunity. Check out how much of the millions HSUS fundraising efforts actually reach the animals.

        • grace

          WRONG. Animal advocates of any race do NOT support Sara Palin or Ted Nugent. And there are plenty of people of ALL races who cannot stand either one of these two psychos. As an animal lover and animal advocate Vick, Palin and Nugent are all on my sh** list. I don't care what your race is; if you hurt animals I don't like you.

        • Foamy

          The critters Palin and Nugent kill are food and don't go to waste. Nor are their deaths inhumane, anymore than the pork and beef that majically shows up on your plate was .

          I doubt Vic ate any of his victimized dogs but who can say for sure.

        • Sean

          "Uh yes- whites are the only ones still “foaming at the mouth” about this….meanwhile their “hero” Palin and the wacko Ted Nugent slaughter animals regularly with high powered weapons and not a peep from these white “do-gooders”…not surprising…" – CONRADDOBLER

          The white people who dislike Vick for what he did are the same ones who hate Palin and Nuggent. Do you see whites on TV yelling about Vick, and then see whites supporting Palin on another channel, and assume it's the same damn people?

    • Natalie

      i can't believe race is even being discussed here. i have not thought of race ONCE when thinking of the dogs that were killed, tortured and abused. did someone kill, torture or abuse vick? no. why are you eaven trying to make a comparison? he's being slammed with words. the animals were slaughtered and maimed! and why on earth are you talking race? it comes down to you support SEVERE animal abuse or you do not. that's it. bottom line.

      • sarah

        this woman seriously needs to read THE LOST DOGS.

    • Edward V.

      Well it never seems to amaze me how much hate and unforgiveness human beings can hold in their hearts. This Vick issue is about race in a way, about his upbringing in the south, (where Im also from and I personally have heard of people who do fight dogs), and about Vick as a great football player. Most black Americans still feel like it was just a dog, most caucasions feel that dogs are just as human as a person. Vick is a black man with money who once thought he was above the law as many big time athletes do (Big Ben included). If he have paid for the crime he did in a court of law, served jailed time and is still performing service to the community for his actions how can Any One have the right not to give him a second chance. Everything you eat is living including plants and vegetables and I seriously doubt that the majority of ppl here are vegans. And the majority of the chicken, pork, beef and even fish you eat are Most of the time killed in a worse manner than Vick did. Not excusing his actions in anyway, my stance is he has paid for his crime with the law. His actions say that he is reformed. And Jesus forgave and prayed for the same people that had him on the cross Killing him and we cant find it in our hearts to forgive this man. We better get it together.

      • Katie

        Would you give a child to a child molester after a couple years of "doing well"? Would you give a ton of drugs to a drug addict after a couple years of "rehab"? NO! He does not deserve the chance to have another dog's love. End of story.

    • doreen adair

      no one gives a sh** what race the coward is. DONT MAKE THIS INTO A FREAKING race deal. He killed dogs. Plain and simple. A man of your race KILLED dogs you should be so proud. educate yourselves.

      • eric

        Lol…just contradicted yourself…let the racial hate flow, girl.

    • doreen adair

      Anyone that supports VICK is ignorant plain and simple. DOnt bring freaking race into this and dont bring freaking religion in it. I do NOT forgive nor I will forget.

    • misty

      This story is rediculous! Dogs have not been elevated above some humans, for if that were true, Vick would have been given the death penalty for purposefully harming many living beings. Also, when dogs viciously attack humans, they are usually euthanized. So please tell me how dogs have been elevated?

      PEOPLE (not just a certain race) are angry at the behavior of ANY person who would harm an animal – much less someone in the media who is supposed to a role model for young citizens. Who cares what race he is? I am digusted by anyone who could do what he did, and YES, I agree with boycotting the NFL. A message needs to be sent to these athletes who think they are above the law.

    • V.Carter

      Hmmm. I sense a little pent up hostility there. Maybe you should try reading the Bible and learn what true forgiveness is. Calling him a peice of sh** speaks more about you than him but I see you're a nobody unlike him, so who cares.

      • Mira Iordanescu

        Can you clarify WHO is that "He who cares"….? because I hope you don't speak about MV….because if HE cares, they we are all doomed…and how about MV asking forgiveness first….but hey, how would he…????????? He is MV….get real man…and stop quoting the Bible…because the Bible doesn't it is OK to kill animals the way Mr.MV did..

        It is very disappointing to see that this issue has become another racial one….It has nothing to do with race BUT some people just don't WANT to see IT as IT is…CRUELTY TO ANIMALS…nothing less nothing more.A very rich and famous man "needed some pocket money" and found the solution by torturing, fighting and killing dogs…."poor" Mr. MV…get it straight people, get it straight…and STOP DIVING the society…

    • Susan Kearney

      SO SICK of the RACE CARD being thrown in!!!!

    • Janet

      Really… well I got news for you. This white folk has many black folk friends who are outraged at Vick, and embarrased by this article. No matter what the color of the offender is, the point is he is one sick individual.

    • Pit Bull Advocates

      I would like to answer to this article by posting another one. Included is a pic of a dog that was saved from Bad Newz Kennels (Vicks Virgina dog fighting ring) The pic is going to show you what he did w/ his bare hands, and the article is going to enlighten you as to just how many african american's feel just like us "Redneck White folk" How can you call Racism when you're sitting here spilling it out in type? I'm so confused here, this article contradicts itself all over the place. I honestly thought it was done by The Onion til I saw the headline after opening it.


    • debi

      As a white woman, I hold Mr. Vick accountable for his actions. He just happened to be in the spot light when his actions were discovered. If it had been a white person who did this, I would have an emotional response to it also. I don't care what color the person is. If they abuse animals they should be held accountable. I don't think the amount of time Mr. Vick spent in jail was comparable to the amount of pain he inflicted on his victims.

      I am an animal lover and a pet activist. I know that statement contradicts my actions. I am a meat eater, and I know the slaughter houses have been shown to not always be humane. I believe certain animals can hunted, although I don't personally hunt. But an animal that is considered a pet has learned to expect a certain quality of life. They should be fed, sheltered, and loved. They should not be taught to fight to the death, they should not be used to bait other dogs, they should not be shocked or drowned when they don't perform. That is inhumane treatment. Even hunters go for a quick, clean kill so as not to extend the suffering.

      This issue is not a racial issue – but it is a black and white issue in the sense that there is a right way and a wrong way to treat pets. And when pets are deliberately mistreated, the owners should be held accountable…and the punishment should fit the crime. For the sake of all animals – they should not be allowed to own an animal again. just my 2 cents…

    • Mira Iordanescu

      Well juts for your information…the entire world tries to find the WHITE young man who killed two kittens with the vacuum cleaner…there are rewards offered for his captures, there are groups on FB and everywhere else…come on…lets get serious…cruelty against animals has no color, no ethnicity, no religion , no political orientation, no citizenship…Do you want to know why people are angry…because he didn't get any punishment for the horrible , unspeakable horrors those dogs endured…he was sentenced only for dog fighting, because of some plea bargain and stuff…if he was not MV.. he would have spent much more time behind bars…and would have been charged with animal cruelty too…get it straight…and how do you know that only "white" people are angry…

    • KellyQ

      "Even the humorous site, Stuff that White People Like, has lightly mocked the peculiar relationship between white people and their dogs, which involves feeding them organic and homemade foods, talking to their dogs; giving them human traits and characteristics, dressing them in cutesy designer outfits and even kissing them on the lips – ewww."

      SERIOUSLY? I have just as many black friends that do this and more…I know one young lady who doubled up her kids in one bedroom so her dog could have its own room!

      And I also have just as many black friends who are appalled by the cruelty this man inflicted on innocent dogs.

      So tell me…Who's the real racist here?

    • lace

      Why do White people love dogs much more than they do Black people?
      My favorite thing about these people (racist Vick supporters) is this: They like to play the race card and then say that Vick is a good role model…No. If they value their own children so little as to think that Vick is a good role model…then these individuals deserve no better. But their children do. It's sad that I, a young white woman, expect the black community to present a better role model for their youth than they do. Role models for today's black youth need to be intelligent, educated, motivated, and NOT CRIMINALS. How can you break the stereotypes if you continue to push those same stereotypes (a young black man becoming successful only because he can play ball) down the throats of the future?

  • Brenda

    "Phoney outrage" of white folks? I'm angry at the man for taking a little red pitbull that didn't perform well and slamming her to the ground time and time again until she was dead. I don't care if he is purple with pink polka dots!

    I can't even believe that the Atlanta Post posted this piece of trash.

  • Donna Dickson

    The man is a vicious killer, PERIOD. He is NOT rehabililtated….you can't develop love and compassion….you either have it, or you don't. PERIOD. He is not sorrry for what he did…..he's sorry he was caught. PERIOD. For those of you with short memories…..go to Best Friends's site, or google "vick dogs"….and remind yourself EXACTLY what he did. Electrocution, slamming dogs into the ground until they were dead, hanging……he is a monster, and if it weren't for his golden arm, we would not be talking about this man. "Paid his dues? Ask the dogs who are still traumatized and shake when a person comes near them. May God have mercy on his poor, DEAD soul.

    I can't believe this newspaper would evn PRINT this drivel.

  • Sharon Chaffee

    This will not end until dog fighting is seen for what it is and treated criminally with a seriously lengthened sentence. As far as Vick being a wealthy man, what the hell is wrong with that?! As far as him being black, what the hell is wrong with that?!! There is nothinhg wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with me being white either. Ms. Charing thinks white people are in a box of generalized activity. There is a lot wrong with that. But there is nothing I can do about being white no more than Vick can do about being rich and black. But I have not put my head on a chopping block by committing atrocious crimes to creatures who have no defenses against such evil. Michael Vick did. As a public figure, (not a black man) he created his situation by his actions. It isn't going away soon and this is what he created for himself by his actions. If you think everyone was going to step away from this after he was released from prison, well, your ideal world just fell out from under your feet.

    I would like to see all the names of the people involved in the Bad Newz Kennel atrocities, along with Michael Vick's name, published. Along with anyone else caught in the dog fighting arena. An eye or two needs to be kept on these guys so they do not return to killing and torturing dogs with a smile on their face as they watch the torture heighten to sickening and evil proportions! A list should be generated that is similar to the predators on children, as these individuals are also known to be incurable, and continue on to commit horrors on weaker humans. Ms. Ball, you are not seeing the entire picture. What I have just explained is only a part of what I am trying to portray for you so you will have a better understanding of the true horror of the crimes committed by the leader of a gang of men, Michael Vick, and his followers of criminal activity, called The Bad Newz Kennel.

  • Nik

    I agree that every human being deserves a second chance and that Tucker Carlson's comments went too far, but I'm also sick of people making this a racial issue. I'm African American, and I think Michael Vick got everything that was coming to him and I have zero sympathy for him.

    So what if people are still 'badmouthing' him, boo-hoo. He got to return to the NFL and make millions of dollars, something most young men can only dream of. I'm supposed to have sympathy for him? Please.

    Yes, racism exists and probably always will, but we as black people need to stop playing the race card everytime one of 'us' gets into trouble.

    • Shana


  • IMO

    Hmm. Well, I am a white girl who lives in Harlem, NYC for the past five years. I do not dress my dog up, never will. I do not like Sarah Palin, never will. I do not elevate dogs or any other animal to the level of any human being and I believe in forgiveness. That said, I think that people (in general, not just white people) who have a problem with Vick is more because there aren't enough repreccusions in this country for animal abuse. It gets frustrating to hear stories that animals were doused with water and then electracuted, hung by their leashed and tortured in other ways (Vicks dogs suffered all of these ways) and then see someone who was involved in said behavior and be put up on a pedestal. It does not matter the color of the person, it is about the action and if the person is remorseful. I will tell you, it bothers me to hear Vick in an interview say how he has been through so much because of this (dog abuse). When I hear a statement like that, I just wonder if he really cares about what he has done or if it is more about saving his image. And yes to some, they are "just dogs". But pain and torture should not be inflicted on any living thing, in my opinion. Its a horrifying thought that someone is capable of those actions and studies show that people who engage in those kinds of behavior go on to abuse and torture people as well. Scary thought. I wouldn't want to know anyone who had that kind of hatred in them.

    Do I forgive Vick? Yes if he truly feels remorse, absolutely. And I feel this subject should be buried because Vick seems to be making efforts in dog abuse awareness, which is great. I hope he continues with that and educating people on why nothing living should be tortured for game. (Not talking about a quick kill for a meal, I am talking real definition of the word:torture)

    I can't explain to someone why certain people live their dogs so much but stop making this out to be a race thing. That is part of the problem. You really think its a deep seeded race issue? Give me a break. People do not like people who torture puppies! HELLO! So yea, people are still going to be annoyed when they are held up as heroes. I really think it is that simple. I guarentee you if Vick were any other race, this would be a huge deal as well.

    But lets move on!!! Its 2011, new subject please!

  • nymphis

    Orville redenbachers nephew needs to stfu.