Why Do African-American Youth Kill Each Other? The Lack of Cultural Alignment

September 28, 2010  |  

“A constant diet of hopelessness will ultimately darken their mental skies and make them believe that their future is bleak and they will, therefore, develop the self-destructive behavior patterns so many of our youth currently exhibit.” Na’im Akbar

The headline, “Murders of Young Black Men Rise” by Mike Wilkinson and Santiago Esparza in the Detroit News earlier this month prompted me to pause and think about why we continue to be plagued by this problem.  In his Atlanta Post article this month, R.L’Heureux Lewis  discusses the recurring exposure to violence students often encounter in their neighborhoods and the lack of resources dedicated to addressing the psychosomatic affects of overexposure to violence.  Tony Sewell of the Guardian traces the violent behavior to boys’ over-feminised upbringing—too many single mothers raising boys, and the lack of a male role model to help the boys navigate and suppress the destructive proclivities that are inherent in them.  Because the male role model is absent, Sewell believes that boys pursue alternatives in the form of male dominant figures normally found in gangs.  The latter premise has a lot of currency among researchers.

Handgun proliferation has also been cited as a cause as to why black youth murder each other at astonishing rates.  Family disruption and family support, social disorganization, social control and disorganization, lack of resilience—self-efficacy and peer relationships, and the code of the street are other reasons provided to delineate the self-hatred young black men engage in when they murder each other, as well as substantiates the high homicide rates amongst Blacks.  Of all the reasons given for why black youth demonstrate such deprave behavior, I found the cultural alignment framework advanced by Jerome Schiele to be most useful.

The cultural alignment framework asserts that black youth violence can be ascribed to the deculturalization of Blacks, the forced assimilation of Eurocentric values, and the lingering effects of slavery.   Cultural oppression facilitates violence among black youth because it devalues the minority groups’ culture and forces its domination on the group.  This forced assimilation has the affect of marginalizing the oppressed group.  As a result of cultural oppression, a climate is created where black youth feel illegitimate and nonexistent.  In Nathan McCall’s book, “Makes Me Want to Holla”, he discusses the power black youth feel with a gun in their hand.  The possessor of the gun derives a level of respect, which has evaded him because of cultural oppression—a psychosomatic byproduct.

By degrading the subjugated group and defining the social reality of this group via the institutions that transmit culture and traditions, (e.g., family, school, media, and other recognized organizations) values once transmitted by staple institutions are no longer embraced by black youth.  Since the culture of black youth has been co-opted, they are easily seduced by the temporal values glamorized in hip-hop, Hollywood and the media.  Most measures of success are portrayed in hip-hop culture and Hollywood is associated with physical and material aggrandizement without regard to their effect on the community and on the individual. Many black professional athletes and entertainers are excellent examples of people who have embraced values contrary to the Afrocentric value system and they promote these flawed images of success to the communities’ detriment.  The flawed images of success and the dearth of avenues to achieve success, create a ripe environment for homicide.

As a result of cultural oppression and cultural perversion, the oppressed group begins to exhibit cultural alienation.  The culturally alienated have no appreciation for past contribution of their ancestors.  Consequently, such alienation manifests into low self-esteem and self hate.  Low self-esteem, self hate and pursuit of physical and material success without consequences are factors which have manifested themselves in increased homicide rates amongst black youth.  Thus, we continue to witness such stories out of Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Newark and other urban environments across the country.

Afrocentrists believe that in order to solve the black youth violence crisis, black youth must be aligned culturally.  Cultural alignment is achieved by teaching black youth Afrocentric values they assert.  Research appears to support their assertions.  Researchers have discovered that black children who participate in Afrocentric curricular activities, such as rites of passage programs, are less inclined to retort to violent behavior and think less about violence.  The Afrocentric socialization process mitigates the impact cultural oppression has on youth and builds what they term as African self-consciousness.  Once African self-consciousness is actualized, youth no longer feel culturally alienated.  Unfortunately, many of the custodians of programs geared to assist young people with programs are few and far between.

Byron E. Price is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University and the author of Merchandizing Prisoners: Who Really Pays for Prison Privatization?

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  • James Losch

    it is entertainment

  • rev. jimmy jeaters

    god did not give the blacks a soul.

  • Rev. Jimmy Jeaters

    when God made black people he did not give them a soul, soes they kill each other just read or look at the news. Usen figure he goofed up letting them come down from the trees.

  • Jetsin2012andbeyond34

    Billy Bob.. AMAZING POST!! Way to go.. so darn true.. as well as 2 other posts here… SO TRUE!! Time to wake up and STOP blaming white people… RIDICULOUS!! People come to white nations for a reason,… They are overall better and more advanced… this is NOT 1820 any longer.. the enemy is the person in the mirror.. DEAL with it… White people have done ENOUGH to help you… stop hanging on their leash…

    • M-wilkins

      The church said, “amen!!!!!”

    • Thank you– glad you liked it! I have a lot to say about the situation and needed to put it out there for people to read.

    • gelonm

      Most black people don’t blame white people for their problems. There is some jealously about white privilege, but it’s hard to stay mad about it. Many black people have problems with other black people — hence the article about african american youth killing each other and NOT WHITE PEOPLE. And if we say that slavery is the cause, then it’s true. Imagine, 400 years of being treated less than human, being told you’re less than human, being chained, whipped, and treated even worse than cattle. Being educated was a crime punishable by death, babies torn from their mother arms and sold across states, people afraid to love one another or care because it was only a matter of time before they were ripped from you, whipped in front of you, or killed for trying to escape. 400 years of this.

      Another 100 years of living in fear of being lynched, stepping off sidewalks so white people could pass, being called “boy” or “girl” by children 50 years your junior, looking up to your leaders only for them to be murdered in cold blood. Finally being granted rights, as if it were someone’s right to take them in the first place, segregation finally being outlawed even though some white people still refused to accept blacks, racism finally becoming illegal (at least outwardly). Now we finally stand a chance to build ourselves up.

      The anger will be there, it’s part of the healing process. We’re not angry at today’s white people — you didn’t enslave, beat, quarter, rape, sell, lynch anyone. We’re angry about the past and how it’s affecting us until this day. Angry about the lack of sympathy or empathy shown by people telling us to get over it, and misunderstanding our every complaint as “Blaming White People.” Our pain needs to be talked about–this is also part of the healing process. It’s need to be understood so we can let it go. WE don’t want free jobs, free housing, free food, or any other handouts.

      Remember, 500 years in the making. Perhaps another 500 years in the healing. We are all healing and learning. Perhaps it’s not happening fast enough for many people, but it is happening.

  • johndeconquer

    Perhaps because our welfare state continues to reward black teenagers for having babies out of wedlock. As long as no-one is made to face the consequences of their actions they will continue to behave the same way. It is all about good parenting and these kids are deprived of the chance at a good life because of the irresponsible acts of their parents.
    We should stop spouting religious drivel and start holding everyone responsible for their actions.

    • Borum007

      Single white females take up the welfareNot blacks.Sorry.Stop spreading mis-information.

      • Jetsin2012andbeyond34

        WRONG.. they are disproportionately black and brown…

      • LA Tisha Jones

        i wants my 14 yead old daughter to gets nocked up soes she can get on the jerry springer show

    • gelonm

      Blacks acquire 39.8% of welfare benefits. They are followed closely behind by whites at 38.8%…I guess that 1% means everything, right?

  • Mhughes1977

    Maybe because whenever a blk person speaks out against violence…..they are called ‘white’ by the blk population?

  • Well written article, and plausible conclusion…. I agree, Africans don’t possess a culturual allignment and while they should be collaborating and supporting one another, like most other ethnic communities do, they consider fellow blacks to be threats and competitors.

        I am not denying that racism still exists in society today, and I am not
    denying that in the past Blacks were oppressed by society and have had some
    residual consequences from slavery 200 years ago. However, it is nonsensical to
    assert that historical oppression on the ancestors of present day blacks is to
    blame for the many present day problems of the Black community— problems such
    as an atrocious violent crime rate,  rampant
    poverty, lack of education, illiteracy, broken families, poor health
    conditions, and more. This cannot all be blamed on their previous oppression,
    because Blacks are not the only people to have been oppressed but few if any
    ethnic minorities experiences problems on the magnitude of contemporary Black
    society.  Historically, almost every
    ethnic group has faced oppression, often in cases of horrid atrocities, like
    the Jews who have been persecuted for THOUSANDS of years— kicked out of
    hundreds of countries, mass murdererd by Nazis and other countries throughout
    the ages, and battle anti-Semitism to this day in every nation they reside.
    Despite years of oppression , persecution, and misfortune,  Jews have achieves great success an in every
    country they reside, pursue the highest levels of education, and receive a
    greatly disproportionate amount of nobel peace prizes compared to the meager
    sliver of society their population represents. The fact is, any racial group
    can transcend their social situations, and thrive in the face adversity, if
    they THEMSELVES make a concerted effort— EFFORT is the key word, and we
    simply do not see a large effort coming from the African American community to
    rise. Few even finish High School, and far too many have lived on wellfare for
    generation after generation, which breeds, laziness and complacency. Far too
    many Males father children and run off on their kids, causing children to lack
    positive male role models and in turn they receive their male praise and
    affection from gangs.  What is the root
    of this problem?

    Well, one cause of the above problems is an illogical sense of “hopelessness”
    in the African community that has been greatly perpetuated by “reverse
    racism”. Hollywood and Black Culture preaches that Whites are racist
    towards Blacks and do not want them to succeed. They preach that it is hopeless
    for Blacks to try to assimilate into the “White” world and that
    racism and oppression is the reason for their problems. An invisible force
    prevents them from succeeding in America, even if they try. So why try? Spike
    Lee, Tyler Perry, Chris Rock, and the rest of left-wing Hollywood is on a quest
    to constantly “expose” racism through their fictional cinema. Often
    portrayed in these films is the common stereotype of the rich, racist white man
    who is in charge of everything, and of course is especially hateful towards
    Blacks and at the root of the blacks struggle to succeed. This terrible
    stereotype is CONSTANTLY perpetuated in films & the media. In turn, the
    exact problem of racism that is supposedly being “exposed”,  ends up causing  hate, animosity, and thus more RACISM among
    Blacks towards Whites. Furthermore, it perpetuates the stereotype that this is
    a “White Man’s World” and that Blacks are living in a hostile
    environment in which their efforts to succeed are futile.

    The truth of the matter is that American has made HUGE strides in Civil Rights
    and the depictions perpetrated about racist America and whites are mostly
    false, and this type of thinking is keeping Blacks from rising above their current
    position.  Racism will always exist among any race, but this idea that
    Blacks are always held back from reaching their dreams, is astronomically far
    from the truth of the situation. The truth about America is this— if a Black
    youth decides to really make an effort to succeed in our society— pursue an
    education, get a good job, start a family, and enjoy the fruits of the middle
    class, there is a whole infrastructure set out to help him meet his dreams.
    Numerous scholarships and grants exist to help Blacks complete higher education
    and to provide them financing for living expenses while in school. Hundreds of
    non-profits, Colleges, and government programs are ready to provide assistance,
    guidance, and support to those members of the African American community who
    make even the most mild effort, and show the minimum enthusiasm.  The
    largest Corporations in America pride having a diverse workforce, and so do
    thousands of other businesses.  A well educated Black is a prized employee
    for American Corporations, which strive to meet quotas on the races of hirees. This
    is not to say Blacks can only achieve mediocre scores, and provide a minimal
    effort. It’s to say America has reached out to Blacks, but we can only meet
    them halfway and eventually Blacks need to make the initiative as well. 

    Racism exists, but I swear to you when I say this. America is VERY accepting
    and PROUD of Blacks who go to school and defy the stereotype of blacks
    who “disregard education, pursue a life of crime, embrace gang/ghetto
    culture, etc. America loves to see intelligent blacks succeed and become CEOs,
    or just become loving fathers and mothers who work hard and strive for a life
    of peace and happiness To proof this, imagine how Obama could be elected by the
    majority of Americans if America was primarily racist? America is mostly white.
     Obama is a true hard working American
    and this was recognized by fellow citizens, and he was accepted by Americans as
    the American he is.  The color of his
    skin was not a matter of concern.  Obama is a Democrat, but even among
    Republicans we can see this same trend– Republican’s are notoriously
    stereotyped as being a “racist, middle of the country, bible belt, hilly
    billy, white man party”. However, in the 2012 Republican Nomination for
    the Republican candidate, African American Candidate Herman Cain was on the top
    of the polls for a long time until a sex scandal hit that caused him to resign.

    To remedy the Black Community, the root problems need to be remedied so African
    Americans more consciously make the decision to complete education and pursue
    their dreams.I suggest an idea for a program that I believe would help address
    these problems… Obviously there is no “cure all” one solution, but here is an
    idea of mine. Black youth’s major problem is a sense of hopelessness, lacking
    pride in their race and knowledge of it’s accomplishments, and no guidance to
    help utilize the resources put in place to help them succeed.

    Many community centers exist, but their goals and activities generally focus on
    handouts rather than addressing the real problems in the Black community. The
    first major goal is to instill inspiration, pride, and hope into them. To
    achieve this, we need the assistance of fellow rich and prosperous blacks who
    have succeeded in the world. Blacks need to know that a real “baller”
    is someone who is educated and obtains success in the real world through hard
    work, not through crime.  Circulating
    successful Blacks to speak of their accomplishments and provide advise will
    help Blacks be proud, give them hope, and let them know their possibilities are
    endless in America. Counselors need to be there to encourage youths to finish
    high school and guide them to resources where they can utilize the various
    grants/scholarships/and non profits providing assistance to support them in
    finding their dreams.  Counselors goals
    should also be to help Blacks investigate their talents, and help them follow a
    career path.  Blacks need to know they
    are not alone, and black kids need to stop being exposed to racist ideas that
    preach that Whites/Americans want them to fail.  It won’t be easy, but it’s
    a start in the right direction.

    • gelonm

      You seem very intelligent and open to new ideas. It’s a fact that the current state of black people in this country is directly related to slavery, Jim Crow laws, Willie Lynch, and racism. Why should anyone have to assimilate into anyone else’s culture? The only way to do this is to deny or give up your own. Contrary to what you believe, racism does exist. It is rampant, but you’d hardly get to see it from your vantage point. I’m glad you aren’t racist, but you need to know that there are still some people who are. VERY racist. Especially in the south. There are still many more people who are slowly turning away from racism, but it’s not going to be okay until it’s gone completely. Understand that. There’s nothing more dangerous than pretending it doesn’t exist. And you have to talk about about it, make movies about it, etc. It’s not racist to talk about racism. Just like there are people like you with open minds and hope, there are people on sites like Storm Front and Angry White Man who feel the opposite. I like the rest of your ideas, though.

  • pastey

    why do Black people kill each other. No respect for anyone. No caring about others (including other Black people.) No caring about themselves. No ability to self regulate. Always looking for the easy way out and a hand out. Always turning to false leadership (Jackson, Sharpton) No ability to step away from the crab and the bucket syndrome. Always blaming someone else when something goes wrong.

  • kwame

    Well written article. I 'm in London , just want to tell you folks that here in London UK , the same problem has been going on . Is it the Rap and hip hop artists glamourising gun culture ?As many of you have mentioned we need a revolution in the form of projects , workshop and apprenticeship to tell these black youth that they can do better than this gun culture.

    • Marcia Kia Simpson-J

      But why do Black men always end up speaking about and talking up gun crime, prisons, and negative behaviour. All this talking up the stereotypes about the Black youth is only playing into the white man's hand. In addition, these Black 'academics' who are 'experts' or 'specialists' in, have only one function, to boost themselves and carry on the same theme that anything Black is negative. The other elephant in the room, is the way Black people bow and scrap to light-skinned or half-caste people who hate the Black community. This is another area ripe for sick predators and child abusers.
      I am sick of them 'asking' the obvious question 'why?' when they are part of the problem. To add salt to the wound, they are clearly unaware of the consequences of their actions.
      How can these people call themselves intelligent, if all they do is to be in a 'dysfunctional' pack of Black 'researchers' who base their work on or who are supported by racist white supervisors who are quite happy to roll out the same old backward stuff about Black people.
      This is the reason why many a negatively 'conditioned' Black person is vulnerable to these dodgy Black churches, and the young are vulnerable to every freak in the village.

  • Marcia Kia Simpson-J

    Thank you Kheru for sharing that information with the people.

  • Marcia Kia Simpson-J

    Mr UKREPPIN – I don't mean to disappoint you, but Black on Black killings are not "an every day thing!!" in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

    Those who do indulge in that lifestyle, are a very close cohort.

    If I may, this lifestyle is not normal, was never normal, and will never be accepted – No matter how many ways gun crime is glamourised by those old boys and the media.

    I hear what you say about some people who have "gone too far", however, this does not mean that it is an either or situation.

    I feel that you are trying to find a way out, but are't quite sure how. Let me suggest one thing. Please start to think about your future and what job you would like to do. Be realistic, and begin to think about how you can make it to that job.
    Is it, about going to college, is it about training, is it about speaking to someone sensible for support?
    What services can you access, where they will help you along the way?
    I am not being patronising, but start to get your social skills together. That might mean, taking your woman out to a nice restaurant, or even starting to buy simple gifts that would be appreciated by a woman. Start to get into the habit of speaking gently and thinking before you speak. Take from me, everybody is still learning, so you are not alone.
    Rest assured, that we back you all the way,along your new journey. Respect to starting to become culturally aware. Take it nice and slow, don't rush yourself.In the meantime, stay strong my young brother.

  • kheru

    There is nothing new under the sun. Any problem a human being has, someone has experienced, thought of and spent time thinking about it. Please check out the work of the late Dr. Amos N. Wilson, an afrikan-centered psychologist, author and black genius. Here are two of his books specifically on this subject:

    Wilson, Amos N. (1992). Understanding Black Adolescent Male Violence: Its remediation and prevention. New York, NY: Afrikan World InfoSystems.

    Wilson, Amos N. (1990). Black-on-Black violence: Black self-annihilation in service of white domination. New York, NY: Afrikan World InfoSystems.

  • kheru

    "I came to realize that wherever the white man went, he brought trouble because he had no scruples. He brought a kind of meanness that no one could face because it made no sense to anyone, and eventually he took over because no one loved blood and killing more than he did. Sadly, our young minds were being formed by the vivid images of death and suffering in these [European school] books."

    Some, Malidoma P. (1994, 1995). Of water and the spirit, p. 112.

  • Marcia Kia Simpson-J

    Quilombo, what an articulate and astute young man you are. Your decency and cultural awareness shines through in your name, and in your well made points.

    It was especially touching to hear you make your most respectful remarks about Black women.

    Take it from me, there are Black women who also respect the Black man, in the same vein as you have expressed. On behalf of all decent Black women, thank you for the compliment.

    In regards to you saying that there seems to be "nobody interested in the self-sufficiency or survival of our people", I suggest you hold judgement on that one. It is frustrating, but not all us older folk have jumped ship yet. There are some of us who will be there for the long haul.

    I don't see us as being on the titanic, however, I do think that we need to do a repair job on the boat, and make sure, that next time, we have a top-rate disciplined crew on board.

    In the meantime Quilombo, my culturally aware brother, you keep on rocking!

  • Marcia Kia Simpson-J

    Some years ago I was asked to do some research on "Common-Law wives". At the time, women, when asked if they were married would reply, 'yes, I am such and such man's common-law wife'.

    It came as a shock to find out that that term had no legal meaning whatsoever. So, women, who thought they had some 'pull' in their relationships found that in reality, their relationships with their 'man' meant nothing in terms of legal rights. This cut both ways.
    Black 'couples' suddenly found out the hard way, that the man had no say over his own children, and the woman could not compel any meaningful commitment from the man. Hence, many children were brought up in households where they were brought up by mothers who hated their children's father. This hate/distrust was transmitted to the children, and was especially (in this instance) transmitted to the boy child.
    This would, then, in many cases lead to, or exacerbate violence towards the child who looked the most like the 'missing' father.
    So the feminisation of the Black boy is a slightly misleading argument. Women, can be, and are as violent as men.
    That is why I worry when Black people describe a sequence of beatings, slaps, punches, and gross abuse as "discipline".
    It is very rare (in certain neighbourhoods) to hear a Black mother describe reading, hugging, teaching, speaking, eating or even simply socialising with their own children, as part of their repertoire of parenting skills.
    The heights of disrespect is to attack (both physical and psychologial) a person (be they adult or child) without good reason. Can you imagine how much more magnified that feeling of pain is, if your attacker is mother?
    Can you imagine if you find out that all the unprovoked attacks were because you look like your father, or 'remind' your mother of your father! Confusion.
    That child is going about carrying a world of pain. Therefore we need to take the child metaphysically out of that environment. How that is done is another subject. But I do agree with Dr Price, cultural alignment is an absolutely essential part of the mix. At present, children have to be their own guardians. As with every child abuse victim, there will a time when they will 'reveal' what has happened to them. However, for Black youths, where do they go? On top of that, where do they go to learn all the things they should have been taught by their parents? They are playing catch-up big time.

    They don't know how to read, eat at table or general socialise in wider society. I don't buy this casual approach, where 'the solution' is to park these youths in front of a 'Black man' who will be the miracle these young men need. In fact, many of these Black men, who run some of these schemes, are themselves absent fathers, etc.
    So any Black man who volunteers to stand in front of these vulnerable young men, better have impeccable credentials, and a sound life. Otherwise, the backlash will justifiably be negative.

    • Raven

      Well said!

  • bricks22

    These comments were great!!!The first time in a long time ive read something on the internet that was positive…As a black-american male i agree its going to take individual responsibility,i agree we need to galvanize the youth who are active already and I believe it can be done. Long story short…the infrastructure of america is exposed,i digress.I wish it was possible to write this artical so that those who could not understand it could,because i feel like those of us who do already knew or felt this…especially us black guys.one

  • Some youth are killing each other, not all. Let's start with the ones who are doing something right and build on that foundation. Black youth won't learn that you "don't have to live a corrupt life to be black and successful" until we adults take the responsibility to teach that lesson to them. That means not waiting for the public, charter, or private schools to do it, or after school programs. They're all good, but the best teaching starts at home.

    • kheru

      "Some not all?" since when does the statement of the obvious constitute a helpful insight? Why are we always looking for meaningless distinctions that are not going to help us solve the problem that most people here agree we have? ANY IS TOO MANY and needs to be addressed.

  • Viv

    This problem is so complex that this well-written article merely scratches the surface. It's more than just knowing our culture, and getting back to real love and community. All that understanding and knowledge needs to start within each of us first, because it can't and won't happen collectively.

  • Priscillia

    This is true, but to me blacks not knowing their culture is only apart of the problem. It's sad how the oppresion from many years ago is still living in the hearts of Blacks today. This isn't only an African American problem, as long as you are considered black, its a problem. The number one problem is that so many Blacks don't know that they can do better for themselves, their neighbors, their communities, and their countries, and there is not enough people telling and showing them that they can. The other issue is that their are people out there, who are profiting from the misfortune of minorities. They are corrupting their minds, to think that it's okay to be selfish and greedy. They are corrupting their minds to think it's okay to have a billion dollar house next to a community of shacks (Nigeria/Oil). They are corrupting their minds to steal the wheels his neighbor bought (Rap/America). All this is just my opinion.

  • Shirley

    This article is so true, it should be on fb and all the other social networks, maybe we can wake some of our youth up.

  • You should read this take by Dr. Torrance Stephens Raw Afraid to Live But Not Afraid to Die: The Autobiography of young black men

  • Standard

    All Black people originate from one continent. Is it that hard to believe that ALL black people kill?! Its not just pop culture or "the white man", we have to get back to God! This world is NOTHING like it was just 10 years ago! We must pray that our brothers and sisters ( black and white alike) find Jesus.

  • REBA

    I think we need to define success for young people. Most don't know how much money you need to earn to buy a home. Some refuse to work menial jobs because they don't see them as stepping stones to better paying jobs. Hip hop songs describe what the artist can afford but real jobs just don't pay that kind of money. In general people are more likely to do harm to people around them.

  • Isa Ibrahiim More Dumb 'Black' JokerOlogy. Do these 'Black Jokers' believe that 'Black youths' exist in a Vaccuum?
    Paid to Parrot their Massa's garbage in the ears of Black people.

  • Blu

    I've been saying this for years now. We as a people need to wake up and take back our community which includes blacks from the US, Africa and the Caribbean. Stop the nonsense of denying your lineage and teach the coming generations self love and respect. Once we get back to real love and community will we be able to rise and be who God has predestined us to be.

  • Adjua Dubb

    Of course the assessment is true. African Americans in particular, as well anywhere 'poverty' and certain pop cultural norms have infiltrated the consciouness of black males. where they do not see themselves as the pyramid creators, but only see themselves as scarface drug dealers. they are a disgrace to their ancestors. Thier cultural heritage and identity has been stripped away from them and never recovered, so they go out in the world as ignorant beasts killing their own. seems white cultural domination has ensure this automatic self suicide.

  • edgar

    A well written a documented article.

    If this problem was contained in AMERICA and defined by its deprived urban sprawl of its "POOR", then it would resonate as a possible true evaluation of the problem and therefore may point to some answers.

    However black on black crime and HOMOCIDE is not confined to the USA and therefore will defy any sociological definition or labelling as long as it can be concluded that this anti-social pathology is indeed UNIVERSAL.

    The Innercity of the UK displays the same malise…Jamaica has the same disquiet as has lagos. The same is true for multi areas of Nigeria, South Africa and many other areas of africa and Brazil where the ethnicity is defined as BLACK.

    In these areas we can study this eruption of violence as a BLACK social problem but the views as expressed in the article may not hold true despite the fact that the definition of the disturbing episodes of dysfunctional behaviour remain similiar.