10 African-American Film Producers Fueling The Business of Hollywood

August 26, 2010  |  

By Felicia Pride

Producers. They’re the ones behind the scenes of our favorite movies who work tirelessly to make stuff happen. They are the business behind the media, putting together all the necessary pieces—from casting to budget to distribution-that turn an idea into cinema. Sure, you’ve heard of Ice Cube, whose one of the most active Black film producers in Hollywood these days, and all the other A-list actors who’ve naturally spawned off their own production companies, but there are other less well-known producers out there, helping to fuel the entertainment machine called Hollywood. Here are ten (individual and teams) black film producers who toil behind the scenes so that we can sit back, relax, and be entertained.

Stephanie Allain Bray

Although she’s been a VP of production at Columbia and President of Jim Henson Pictures, Bray has also been a midwife, helping to shepherd Hollywood careers of filmmakers like John Singleton and Darnell Martin. In 2003, she launched her own company, Homegrown Films where she’s produced a range of projects including Hustle & Flow, Something New, and Black Snake Moan.


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  • Andrew Bozeman

    Thank you, Felicia. It’s a good thing that postings on the Internet don’t go away cause it has taken me a while to discover you. Your info is priceless and more of our young people need to hear about what you have to tell them.

  • Anthony Brogdon

    A little known production company based in Detroit, Strong Productions owned by Anthony Brogdon. There first project is a documentary called “The Great Detroit? It was-It is-It will be” due out December 2013, then another documentary called “Black History Then and Now” due out June 2014, then there first feature length “Foot Soldiers” due out September 2014 and on and on.

  • City Boy Publishing

    Just wanted to let the world know and everyone who visits Madame Noires site that they can find my book titled “What’s Poppin?” @amazon.com. It’s the Urban fictions hottest novel to drop this year 2012. Give it a read and review my people. Im D. Smooth saying thanks for your support. Working on making my story into a movie also. Be on the look out for that as well.

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    • ajaysinghgaira

      the  beautiful

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  • carol,

    i am so proud of her i will like to get in touch with her

  • KK

    Unfortunately, some people can't help but be negative.

    • KB

      This is why we are stuck… no support.

  • sunda croonquist

    NO WAY did someone just say that this woman has a problem with her "BLACKNESS!" Let's stop with the crabs in the barrel syndrome and wish her the best.

    I wish you the best Stephanie, whether you are Black or Green or Blue! As far as the Cooley High rip off statement…Hollywood is so "Cookie Cutter"with EVERYTHING so get over it and give this sister some respect. I was disgusted reading what people wrote.

    All the best to Stephanie! A woman of color doing her thing!

  • Andre

    I'm happy for all these folks, but outside of Bray no one is putting out anything that is superior in quality.

  • steve

    she produced BOYZ N THE HOOD, a cooley high rip off to high hell down to the title cards rolling up the screen at the end. she should apologize to michael schultz for making a mockery of his classic.

  • yadi

    good article – i was unaware.

  • hexchief

    You've forgotten perhaps the biggest African-American producer of them all. The only black man in town who can "green light" a picture. Broderick Johnson of Alcon Films. Check the resume.


    The brother likes to keep a low profile.

  • Goog job Ava! Also we would likde to know more about your marketing side. We just complete a TV Drama: Meet Up/The Tenants. Here is the link.